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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Top Reasons Why Every Parent Should Co-Sleep

 My children all co-slept from birth. My doctors and family members all thought we were crazy. The doctors were convinced that my children were in danger, and my family thought I was spoiling them. But I knew the research - the benefits and the risks (when done properly, there are NO real risks by co-sleeping).  My oldest is nearly 7 now, and if we had it to do all over again, we wouldn't change anything!

Every parent should co-sleep! If you're uncomfortable with having the baby in your bed, on medication or a deep sleeper, bed-side co-sleepers are available just about everywhere and still give you all the benefits of co-sleeping!

Top Reasons for Co-Sleeping:
  1. Infants who co-sleep go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. And Mothers who Co-Sleep report more sleep as well!
  2. Sleeping together helps babies and parents form a close bond that continues throughout life.
  3. Co-sleeping offers a lower risk of SIDS than other forms of infant sleep do.
  4. Children who co-sleep are healthier mentally and emotionally. They have higher self-esteem & more positive outlooks. It's also been shown that they preform better in school.
  5. Breastfeeding is easier. Babies don't need to cry until mom wakes up, goes to get baby and nurse. Allowing mom & baby both to get more sleep through the night.
  6. Co-Sleeping expert, James McKenna reminds parents that "co-sleeping gives the parent the best opportunity to hear the baby in crisis and to respond." He adds that "since protection from SIDS may be related to the frequency and duration of breastfeeding, and because babies breastfeed more when co-sleeping, this practice may help to protect some breastfeeding infants."
  7. By sleeping next to the mother, the infant learns when to breath as gaps in breathing are normal during the early months of infancy. The mother also becomes in tune with the infants breathing and is more aware when the infant’s breathing becomes irregular. This prevents any incidence of SIDS from occurring and if the baby was alone, this type of life-saving intervention could not take place.
  8. Nightmares & Night Terrors are less common among children who bed share and they are more likely not to develop separation anxieties when they are placed in their own beds.
  9. Nighttime safety is overall better since parents are close in case of emergencies like fire, suffocation, illness, etc. Children within reach of parents also have less of a chance of injury simply out of the fact that parents are more aware of the goings on.

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