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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Tool Box: The Wand

I think one tool you'll find in just about every witch is going to have is a wand. It tends to be the "golden standard" if for no other reason than we all grow up with this image of a witch and her wand! But why do we use wands? What are they really for? What do they do? Do some work better than others? With all the mis-information and conjecture out there it's easy to understand why the answers to these questions aren't "basic" knowledge. But, I am going to clear all that up!

Like many other tools the wand has quite a long history. In fact although it's not widely known, Egyptian Pharaoh's very often carried a wand. Today we see images of them with a scepter, and "crook", but this would not have been their every day wear so to speak. The Pharaohs "Gods" to their people, so a wand was a given through day to day life.

The Greek God Hermes was also pictured with a wand, and today his wand is used as our common day symbol for "healthcare" with it's winged head and two intertwining snakes.

Wands are also pictured in myths from Norse, Celtic, Asian and even Arthurian decent which date back to pre-history. Today it's rare we see a modern day movie witch without a wand in her hand. Even Harry Potter and his friends have their own wands as well as a huge workup around finding and using just the right one... Wands have become a huge part of the "witches stigma" and the mental picture we all have of what a witch "should" look like.

Now, you'll never hear me say that a witch should or shouldn't have this or that... But there isn't just fiction behind all these appearances of a wand through history or in today's world. So while it's not a NEED for a witch to have or use a wand, it does tend to be a great benefit and generally it's a classic and widely used tool that you'll find in most witches tool kits.

So, what is a wand? Well, you'll find wands made of any number of materials. Some are wood, others stone, others metal and still others are glass or crystal. But no matter what the material all wands have the same basic use. A wand is an extension of YOU. They are used to guide, focus and project YOUR ENERGY in to your intended goal.

Because the wand is a phallic symbol it is also used to represent the God or male aspects of the Deity and his energy, power and virility.  You'll also find that through most traditions the wand will represent the element of Air, although through a few it represents fire. The wand is used to consecrate a sacred space, or to invoke a deity.

So, where do you find your own wand and how do you choose between all your options?

Well, it may seem like there are an endless amount of options here - and there really are. But once you start your search you'll find that it's easy to narrow down the search quickly. First, the question should be what material are YOU most comfortable with? What makes you feel "extended?" Your wand should feel like an extension of your body and your energy, so if you reach for it and feel no like it's just another object, it's not an extension of you. So think about yourself and your connections, what things make you feel connected to the world around you? Is it a certain tree? Maybe a stone or gem?

If you would prefer purchase your wand you may not have the chance to handle it before you buy, especially if you buy online or from a catalog. So your best bet here is to take a walk through nature or even through a home store. Lay your hands on different woods, metals and stones. Where do you feel the most energy flow? Those are the best options for you when picking a wand.

If you would prefer to make your own wand you will have all the time to find just the perfect materials. Again, take some time to find the perfect fallen branch or the perfect piece of pipe to reuse... Or maybe the perfect stone. Whatever it is it should be about 12 to 18 inches in length and feel comfortable in your hands. Most home made wands are wood, but again, you always have options and if you are more comfortable with other materials, don't be afraid to use them. And you always have the option to add stones, ribbons, carvings, or any thing else you need to your wand - MAKE IT YOURS!

The last note I feel it's important to note is that your wand does not have any power in and of itself. It's simply an extension of YOU, I can't stress that enough. YOU have the power, you have the energy... The wand is just a way to help YOUR MIND focus that energy and use it...  You can't pick up a wand and become Glenda, because you are already everything you need. Believe in yourself and know that with or without a wand, you have everything you need!

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