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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Science of Magick

If you're finished the fourth grade, you understand the basic idea of atoms and matter. EVERYTHING in our universe is made up of matter in one form or another and because of that everything possesses atoms. Atoms are made up of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, all spinning around each other - creating energy. This means that science has actually been able to pinpoint and prove that EVERYTHING in our world is made up of energy. For the majority of "Ancient Religions" this was a basic understanding, even with out the science to back it up. I remember a line from Disney's Pocahontas which states "Every rock, and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name." For Native American tribes this is largely still the belief, and it seems that in some ways, even modern day science has backed that belief, rather than squash it.

Now, what does this all mean to us? Why is any of this important at all for someone reading a blog on Paganism? Well, simply put, if we are going to understand how to do things, it's always helpful to understand WHY they work as well. Now, metaphysics is still a rather new study in the scope of science and as with normal science and physics there are still questions which have yet to be answered.

The basics are very simple even for those who barely passed that same fourth grade science class and/or slept through just about every Disney movie they ever watched...  Energy reacts with energy in a very predictable way. When we throw a ball at a wall, it bounces back to us with both the same force as we through it and the opposite movement... It returns to us exactly how we send it out, with the same force and the same focus.

Now, does that mean it doesn't alter other things on the way? No, in fact even that ball alters the wall on a basic level of energy. In solid states the atoms are packed so closely together that they don't have any visible give to them, the stronger a material is the closer it's atoms, the weaker something is (gas for example) has atoms which are much much further apart. - Easy enough to understand... Every time we wave our arm through the air we are moving atoms, we are creating "wind" and we are affecting the energy around us. When we hit a wall, we may or may not dent the wall itself, but what we are doing is at least for a moment, forcing the particles of those atoms which make up the wall to slightly alter their energy.

Until now I have focused purely on a physical plane, and all this seems to have little to do with spiritual or magickal matter. However, for us to understand how magick works we first have to understand the energy with makes up our universe and to do this we have to understand it on a physical level, because we are of a physical level.

We have all seen photographs of Atomic Bomb Plumes, this is the greatest effect physical atoms can have on our physical world. When an atom is split in half, the outlet of energy is what we now know as the Atomic Bomb, and as I'm sure you understand the energy let off is beyond enormous. IF the physical affect of splitting an atom is so drastic that it can destroy millions of acres of land, people, animals, buildings and whatnot, it only makes sense that the atoms (which remember make up EVERYTHING in our universe) are very powerful of and in themselves.

Magick works, basically, by focusing energy, go out from a single point (YOU) and affecting the energy in the universe or in whatever object you have focused it to. For example, if you wish to affect someone's health. You would focus energy and send it out focused on that person or their health condition. As we covered earlier, when you send out energy it acts like a ball hitting a wall. The larger and stronger that ball the greater affect it has on the wall. So, the more focused your energy, the stronger that "ball" becomes. A simple pat on the back and an "I'm sorry" when you hear someone has cancer is like tossing a rubber bouncy ball at a steel wall. Does it have an effect? Yes, on an energetic or atomic level, it does. For that small moment your energy connects with their energy and alters things in both your and their body. However, when we use Magick, that changes. We build and focus our energy in to creating that change we need... So rather than simply affecting their energy or their atoms for a small minimally powerful moment in time, you are able to affect them on a much larger scale. This alteration of energy, change in universal makeup, is MAGICK...

The last thing I want to touch on here is the return of energy. While this is a point I will be exploring more in depth in later posts I feel it's important to introduce here. Every religion or belief system (and even non-religious teachings) has some form of energy return belief... Whether it's called Karma, the Three Fold Law, the Law of Attraction or simply an understanding that you reap what you sow, it's all one in the same. When you throw that ball against the wall, it comes back to you just as it left. You aren't going to throw a big red ball and have it come back purple and small. So don't expect to be able to put out large amounts of focused energy with a negative purpose and receive positive energy in return...  Remember, that ball bounces back with the same force and in the same form as you threw it...

  Originally posted on my blog "One Witch's Wonderland" on 9/18/2010

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