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Monday, February 25, 2013

Support A Pagan

I've decided to start an ongoing project entitled "Support A Pagan."  Each post under this heading will feature ONE "Pagan" individual, business or cause. Some I'm sure you have heard of, others, maybe not. I will say though that I am using the term "Pagan" very loosely and will be including individuals which may be considered "non-Pagan" by those who prefer to put strict limits on the term, those who may be Hindu, Buddhist, or even Christo-Pagan. But I'm not picky and prefer to include everyone, so if you're super picky about what you think IS or ISN'T Pagan, make sure that you read the fine print...

I will be covering "famous" as well as "not so famous" Pagans with these entries as well as new or unheard of businesses and sites. My purpose here is NOT to decide which people or groups deserve your patronage, but to bring to your attention those Pagans which could use your support of their craft/cause.

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