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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI: A Pagan Perspective of his Legacy

When I first heard the news that Pope Benedict had decided to step down from his position my first instinct was to go find the story and post it on my facebook page to get everyone's opinions on what this will mean. I think, overall, we all agreed that until we see who is elected for the position next, we really have no idea what this means. Really, it could go either way. Pope Benedict has - generally - not made the best choices when it comes to the Pagan Community - or Community as a whole for that matter. But, he is the head of the Catholic Church, so I suppose it's not really shocking that he's generally not very pro-Pagan (or LGBT, or Islam, or anything else that isn't purely Catholic), I mean, the church isn't exactly known for their tolerance of others - can anyone say Crusades?  Anyways, the truth is, the next guy could easily be more open to cross religious discussions or support women's rights or LGBT rights... OR he could just as easily be MORE conservative and do much more damage thatn this Pope did... 

So anyways, I found this post on The Wild Hunt today that really does a good job exploring SOME of the downfalls with Pope Benedict's rule and I wanted to share it with you all. Lets all hope the new Pope is more open to the changes the world has undergone, but if he is not, lets simply remember that the actions and beliefs of the Pope, do not really represent the beliefs of Catholics any more than the beliefs and actions of the US President represent the beliefs of Americans.

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