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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pagan Parenting: Anansi the Spider

My oldest son is now in First Grade, which of and in itself is quite shocking to me - boy they grow up fast! Each week, he has "Library" and brings home a new book. Most of the time - in fact I think every week until now, he's brought home some uber sweet, kiddie book like Pooh or Blue's Clues or something. We read it and readily forgot what it said. Beyond giving us something new to read, there's no real point to the books he brings home, they certainly aren't teaching anything.

This week, however, was different! I am HUGE on mythology! I grew up loving Greco-Roman mythology and started reading it to my children in-utero.  Since then, I'm started added other cultures and traditions to their library. Unfortunately, I have been slow to add mythology or folklore from non-European cultures - Mostly because I just don't know where to start.

Anyways, as I said, my son is 6, he loves story time, but he doesn't really grasp the idea of what mythology is yet. To him, they're just stories. And since his school is generally Pro-Christian, even though it's a Public School, I can honestly say I NEVER expected to see ANYTHING that was any different from what he's always brought home. Fortunately, I was rather surprised this week - and proven wrong!

This week, you see, my son brought home Anansi The Spider!  I haven't done tons of research on African myths or folklore, but I had heard of Anansi a few times.  Anansi, is a hero & trickster figure of the Ashanti peoples of Ghana, Africa.  He's the son of the God Nyame. And he just so happens to be a Spider! Apparently there are lots of Anansi books out there for kids - I've looked and found a few on Amazon, so I'm happy! This one however seems to be the first. It's the story of Anansi, and his six sons, who save his life. But it's more than that, it's also the story of how the moon was hung. It's quite a beautiful story that I hope to read with all of my children! And I will most definitely be purchasing this, and other Anansi books for our collection as well! My son loved it! And it's written simple enough that, beyond the names Anansi and Nyame, it's easy enough for even a new to reading child to read.

Make sure to check out this and other Anansi Books (below)

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  1. You are so right, the Anansi books are truly amazing. My thirteen year old read as many of them as he could get ahold of. Even my ten year old daughter has read them.


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