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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pagan Blog Project: Week 5: Creation

Creation is an impossible subject to tackle. Each and every faith, tradition and belief system has their own idea of what is right or wrong or truth or not...

I grew up, like most, being taught that it was unquestionable fact that God took 6 days and created the world. On the last day, he created man. Thankfully, I wasn't raised in one of those fundie groups that believe in a literal 6 days or anything crazy like that. No, we were raised believing that dinosaurs did exist and that they were finally destroyed by the Great Biblical Flood of Noah. I'm not completely sure if that's better or worse. 

Yeah, this never really rang true to me. It left WAY to many questions unanswered and created even more! If God is all powerful (as I was taught) why did it take him so long to create everything? If God's goal was to create men, why did he create dinosaurs and the great mammals just to destroy them and create the men he wanted to create in the first place? And then there's the questions about why create at all?

So when I got older and started exploring other faiths, I started looking for new views on creation. I found lots of stories. Lots of ideas. And none of them really seemed to be more credible than the one I was taught so long ago.

I learned about the scientific view in school. And was taught not only how creation happened, but why and when. Not only did this all make sense, there was proof all around me. Years ago, when I was a girl, I had found some fossils near a river in West Virginia. And I'd seen the beautiful Laurel Caverns and seen the caves and formations made over thousands - or millions of years. I'd seen these things myself, touched them with my own hands, they were real, they made sense.

Because of this, and because of the complete ridiculousness of all the theistic creation stories I was reading, it only made sense to me that that was the reality, that was the truth. But at the same time, I felt as if it wasn't the WHOLE truth.

I'm a strong believer that if you see something with your own eyes, feel something with your own hands, hear something with your own ears and still don't believe it - You're just a fool. Well, I'm no fool. I knew there was something missing. And not just something missing from the scientific view, but from the theistic view.

You see, I've seen, heard and felt the proof that the scientists base their teachings on. I find nothing but truth to back it up. BUT, that's not where my experiences end. You see, not only have my experiences led me to a strong belief in science, but they've led me to a strong belief in the Gods as well. I've heard the voices of the Gods & Goddesses. I've seen their presence. I've experienced them and their energy all my life. So it would only stand to reason that I would be quite the fool for ignoring what I already know to be true? And as I said before, I'm no fool!

But how does one reconcile a belief in scientific creation and theistic creation? Well, I first had to come to the realization that creation stories were just that - stories. They were no more real than the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales. But they, like those same Grimm Brothers Tales, were based in a sort of twisted truth. They expressed a truth, masked by extra-ordinary myths, but the truth is still there, it's just buried.

Then I had to take some time to really study the scientific view. And realize that while science has MOST of the answers, there were still more than a few that remain unanswered - and always will. Sure, Stephen Hawking will tell you "THIS" is exactly how it all started. How NOTHING changed to become everything we now see - and don't see. But the fact is, even he doesn't really know. No one was there, no one can ever go back far enough to see without question what happened.

So what DID happen? How did nothing become something? Or at least how did things begin to change so that nothing could become something? And then there is the question of, IF Hawking is right and it all started by a single atom creating a whole wave of change - Where did that atom come from? Sure, theistic stories had holes, but the clear truth is, so does the scientific view!

Now, I'm not claiming to have ALL the answers. Fact is, those answers are simply unavailable to us. We aren't meant to - nor do we really need to - know the answers.

But here's how I see it. The more and more I looked. The more I got in touch with the Gods and the more I understood science, the more I understood the idea that the two often work hand in hand.  Science, after all, is simply man's way of explaining that which they can measure. But not everything that exists is measurable. Sure, air (or to be specific atmosphere) weighs 14.7lbs/sq in. But what does the soul weigh? Science has tried to answer that, but so far, can't. That certainly doesn't mean there isn't a soul, it simply means science doesn't have all the answers. And if science can't explain something as "small" as the soul, how could it possibly explain something as awesome as creation fully?

You're most likely wondering at this point, what the hell is she talking about? Does she believe in scientific creation or theistic creation? The ol' Creation vs Big Bang/Evolution question. Well, from where I stand, they're BOTH right, and their BOTH wrong.

Yep, you read that right. I'm a creationist AND a believer in the Big Bang and Evolution! And I'm not the only one! In fact the belief in Theistic Evolution is one that's been growing in popularity over the last few decades.

Basically, it's the belief that a creator - or in my belief creators - is/are the force behind the "big bang" and/or the evolution of everything. Sure, science tells us that the Earth was covered in water, and that slowly the Land came to be, but they can't tell us WHY. And Theism tells us that God (or Goddess or Gods) created all, but never tell us HOW. So to me, it only makes sense that while we look to science for the HOW, we look to the Gods to tell us the WHY. Only when we see both views, working together, do we really get the whole picture.

Or at least, that's what I think!

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