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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Natural Car Air Freshener

I LOVE this idea! My husband would have a bird if I hung something in the car, but IF I were to make one of these I would be a little more creative! And you should be too!

If it were me I would use a colored felt and cut a shape that had meaning... Maybe make a Black Witch's Hat with a Pumpkin Vanilla scent in the Autumn or a Pink Egg with Lavender or Rose for Spring... Or if you want something that's not so "seasonal" how about a Pentacle or Triple Moon with scents that you find uplifting or calming - no one wants to be angry, anxious or to relaxed when they're driving, so pick something that you like, but that will help you stay positive without putting you to sleep! lol

Regardless of what shapes or scents you choose, the "How To" is the same...

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