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Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

Okay, I think at this point we all know how I feel about herbal supplements and medicinal options.  If it were up to me, everyone would rely on herbs instead of all the Big Pharma Chemical Crap that most people go to. In my opinion, those "Big Pharma Meds" DO have a place, but it should be a LAST RESORT only after all other natural or holistic options have failed (which is extremely rare!) or in emergency situations when a life needs saved NOW. I'm not saying never resort to conventional options, just rarely...

Anyways, the downfall with herbal supplements for most people is that they don't have the time (or bladder space) to drink 45 cups of tea in a day and to many tinctures give you a buzz... BUT, capsules are a great alternative! They're easy to take - just like conventional options - and YOU can personalize them to meet your needs! YEA!

But HOW?  Well, honestly, I didn't know. I have been making them the "hard way" - one at a time, by hand - for all this time. And now, I feel kinda dumb! lol

**ALWAYS make sure you're getting High Quality Organic Herbs which are either in powdered form already, or use a blender/food processor to powder them yourself.

Get Everything You Need to Make Your Own Herbal Capsules Here:

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