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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to make Edible Finger Paints

I would NEVER suggest letting a child eat food dyes/coloring but this is an awesome alternative to the super toxic or otherwise chemically colored versions you get in the store. Plus, it makes for a fun day of play with the kids and SHOULD they get some in their mouth you don't have to be afraid they will become overly sick.  But seriously, this is one of the few good uses I've found for food dye!

This is a really easy paint to make from ingredients you can find in your pantry and will keep your children occupied for hours!

What you will need:
4 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 cup of corn flour
3 cups cold water
Organic Food Coloring*

What to do:
1. Stir sugar & corn flour together.
2. While stirring, slowly add the water, heat over medium heat until mixture thickens. (paint will thicken further when it cools)
3. Divide into containers and add the food coloring.

4. Have Fun! 

*Organic Food Coloring like that shown below IS costly! BUT it will last you a LONG time and is safe to eat, even for those children with Autism, ADD, Depression or other conditions which would require that they avoid food dyes!

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