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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homemade Shave Cream

I have come to the realization that even though I don't mind my legs being as hairy as my husbands, the people around me do. For what ever reason, women in this culture simply aren't acceptable with hair...  So for as little as I like it, I've re-entered the world of a shaven woman.

But shaving does come with some minor issues beyond the sheer annoyance of it! For one, razors! They're very expensive and extremely wasteful!  And for two, dry shaving sucks, soap just drys the skin, and all thAle creams and foams out there are just packed full of gods only know what kind of toxins! Leaving me with the option of either just using water or using coconut oil. I like coconut oil, but it's just not my favorite to use! The whole jar melts with the heat of the shower and it gets kinda messy. So I've been fighting the whole thing, telling myself it's "only natural" to be hairy! And honestly, my husband has been good about it, but I can tell he's not to fond of the idea!

Anyways, I have the razor issue solved!  I've stopped buying disposables or even disposable cartridges and started using an old fashioned double edge razor. They're simple to use, and so long as you dry the blade when you're finished, they'll last a long time. When you do need a new blade, there is relatively no waste.

But the issue of shaving cream or foam was still something I have been dealing with. Then, today, I stumbled across a recipe for a homemade version (below). It's good, but I think I'll be altering it just a bit. First of all, I'll be using Almond Oil, instead of Olive.  And I'll be adding Coco Butter to the mix as well because I love what it does for my skin and I love the smell! I'm considering a few essential oils, but we'll see.  Anyways, here's the recipe I found and since the process is the same regardless of what alterations I make. I'll try to make a point of taking pictures when I make mine, but I need to order more Shea Butter first...

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