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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Healthy Homemade "Sports Drinks"

I know drinks like "Vitamin Water" and "Gatoraid" have become very popular over the years, but it seems like I'm hearing more and more about their dangers every day! Now I guess I'm lucky, I can honestly say I've never so much as tasted this stuff. We were always told these kinds of "sports drinks" were dangerous for people who weren't at risk of dehydration, so I never tried them. Most recently though, I read an article about Flame Retardants in them and have started really searching for better options for my husband - because he DOES drink them through the summer.

My husband works outside and in giant blast furnaces all summer and the heat does put him in danger of dehydration. None of these recipes would really be good for him to take to work, because they are less than travel friendly, but they would be good for when he gets home. BUT I think these are great for after workouts, kids coming in from outside or even just day to day rejuvination.

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