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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fondue Dinner for a Family Valentines Treat

So it's Valentine's Day! Personally, I'm not really big on the day, we don't really do anything. My wedding anniversary is in 11 days, so for us, doing both would be kinda an overload! But it's still fun to do something to make the day special, especially since the kids' school makes such a big deal out of it...

One of the most fun things to do - especially with kids - is have a Fondue dinner!  It's a great fun way to get eeryone at the table together chatting and laughing!  It's really simple to do too! If you want to make it extra special for everyone, take some time - and a small cookie cutter - and make heart shaped bread pieces to go with your veggies!  OR if you want to do a fondue desert you could easily make heart shaped cookies to dip in chocolate along side some strawberries, apples and other lovely fruits!

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