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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chakras & Joint Pain

There are so many aspects of witchy living that I feel I am far from an expert on! One of those, is Chakras! Unfortunately I simply don't have enough free time in my day to focus on each and every aspect I wish to master! But, I have made a goal to spend a few hours each week on Chakras. I am simply seeing way to much reason to and not nearly enough reasons not to!

Here is only one of those reasons! With my arthritis and fibromyalgia, joint pain is a huge issue for me. If I could find a new or better way of managing that pain, I could be living a better life - better wife, better mother, better witch! I think a large amount of my negative energy comes from my pain levels & depression, and the best way to help alleviate some of that negativity, is to better control the pain & depression. Since I am not a believer in conventional medications, I am always learning new or better ways to do so!

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