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Monday, February 4, 2013

A 1 Acre, Self Sufficient Homestead

Okay, I don't have anything close to this. BUT, this is one of my biggest long term goals. Not just "in the case of emergency" but because I truly believe this is the best option for my families health and welfare as long as health and welfare for the world as a whole. IF each and every person who owned a yard - even a small one - did this on whatever scale they had the ability to do, it would make a HUGE difference in our society! Agra-business's power would be slashed! CO2 production would drop substantially! Big-Pharma would take a hit - where it hurts! People would be healthier as a whole and their money would go further!

So while I completely understand that this is purely an ideal that most people simply can't achieve, it's my personal long term goal when we purchase a home (which will hopefully be in the next 2 years). Obviously I'll be starting much smaller than this, but I want to get here someday!

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