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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Story of Oscar

Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about vaccines. I have researched vaccines, their ingredients and the illnesses they are meant to prevent for a number of years now. I feel I was blessed to have had a family member who introduced me to the truth well before I ever had children. Unfortunately, my own mother didn't have access to the information that I do today and I was fully vaccinated as a child - as was my sister. My research has proven to me beyond a doubt that many of my childhood health issues - which I now know to be the early stages of Fibromyalgia - to have been caused by those vaccines. My mother, like so many others, believed that the doctors knew what was best, and followed the vaccine schedule of the day because she wanted to keep us healthy.

Today, parents are generally no different. Although the subject of vaccines and their risks has become something that nearly every parenting website or magazine has addressed, few are providing factual information, instead teaching propaganda and myths in order to push vaccination.

Some studies have shown that nearly 10% of parents in the US will choose to limit or refuse vaccines for their children. But the vast majority continue to follow the recommended schedule. A schedule which now encourages pregnant mothers to be vaccinated against the Flu and Whooping Cough. Some doctors even encourage mothers to be vaccinated against Hep. B and other illnesses. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, it was suggested to me that I make a point to "get caught up" on all the vaccines I wasn't up to date on. Because I had already known the dangers of vaccinations and had already had a bad reaction to them, I knew I happily refused! Unfortunately, many women do not do this.

The story of Oscar is the story of one little baby, who's mommy was one of those many women. This story came to me through the Vaccine Information Network's Facebook page, and quickly brought me to tears!

Oscar's mommy had a healthy pregnancy and was excited to be having a beautiful baby boy. She was encouraged by her doctors to be vaccinated against both Flu and Whooping Cough and, as so many women do, she listened to their advice. On November 1st, 2012, she received both injections. Oscar, a previously healthy baby, died on November 5th and was stillborn on November 11th, 2012.

Oscar's story is short, but it's message is potent! While a definite connection between his mother's vaccinations and the death of dear Oscar has not yet been medically established, the correlation is impossible to deny. Testing since his death has shown that Oscar had Down Syndrome, but that this was NOT his cause of death. His mother continues to be  convinced of the connection to her vaccination and his passing. She continues to push doctors on this matter and has been working to push through legislation that would require pregnant mothers to receive accurate information and warnings about the dangers of vaccination during pregnancy - all of which she was denied!

Oscar's Law, as it is being called, is still in it's earliest stages. It's current (at the time of posting) and earliest draft is available for review on the "Oscar's Law" facebook page. I encourage everyone to read and support this new proposed law. Regardless of where you personally stand on the issue of vaccination, this law is important. Mothers deserve the right to make an educated choice before agreeing to ANY medical procedure that could put the life of their child in danger.

I am posting the link for the Law Draft below. Please take a few moments to read through it and give your support.
**Note: This proposed law is being pushed in Europe/England, and NOT in the US as of yet. However, supporting this law, regardless of the country, will make a point towards making a change that could save lives. To me, it's sad that a law like this ever needs to be written - in the states or Europe!

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