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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The "Kindness Jar"

While this isn't the only project I've included in my "to-do" list for the new year, but it's one of them. I first found it on Facebook, but this blog really takes the basic concept a step or two further.

The basic concept was great - get a jar and every time you accomplish something or experience something positive you write it down and put it in the jar. Then, when ever you're feeling down & out, you can open the jar and be reminded of all the good in your life. But as you'll see, it an easily be used for so much more...


If you like this idea, but find the "Jar" idea to be a bit more "country" than you like, consider using a Business Card Book and Blank Business Cards to write your "kindnesses" on!  Then you can easily open it up and flip through the pages of blessings every time you need a little pick me up! You can even include little pictures!

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  1. We're doing this! We're calling it our Good Things Jar though. The girls can't hardly wait to add something to it! It's actually encouraging them to do more kind things just so they can have something to drop in the jar. :)


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