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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some Simple Ways to Bring Your Deity Into Your Life

Balancing life and faith is a subject that many people coming from a Christian background tend to be interested in. I think because for most Christians you have a set day and time of the week for God, while as a Pagan, you don't get that. Christianity and other popular paths tend to be seen as RELIGION where Paganism is more of a WAY OF LIFE. While there are those who belong to mainstream paths which treat their religious beliefs as a way of life, it's becomming less and less common, instead of being something that comes naturally it's become something you need to make time for. Paganism is quite a change for people who are coming to this path after a life time of making time for faith, because it tends to require not only a change of beliefs and traditions, but also a change in thinking.

In an effort to help aid these people here are some tips and tricks to help new found Pagans and recovering Christians to relearn how to live a life of faith, rather than just "making time."

*Daily Devotional - Not everyone sees a reason for a Daily Devotional, however I feel they are a great way to help new Pagans alter their thinking. It allows for a set time of day or night for you to make time for faith. It's also a great way to help one connect with their new found deities or themselves. Devotionals can be as simple as a lighted candle and a few words, or as complicated as you wish.

*Meditation - Again, having a set time for daily meditation is not only a great way for one to connect with their deities but with themselves. Meditation is best done on a daily basis and is best done at the same time of day each time. Both will help you to master meditation as well as an routine.

*Meal Blessings - A simple meal time blessing not only helps us remember our deities through the day, but also helps us to remember what blessings we are each given through the day. In addition to helping us connect, meal time blessings are a wonderful way to help incorporate small children in to your religious beliefs.

*Morning & Bed Time Blessings - Many people who have grown up in an even loosely religious Christian family are set in the act of morning and evening prayers. This tradition doesn't need to stop just because you have switched your path.

*Time with nature - while not all Pagan paths are nature based, getting a few moments to just take in the beauty of the world around us is a blessing for everyone. It gives us time to take a breath and remember where we come from. It's also a great way to just clear our minds from all the hecktic parts of life. It's not a long term thing or something you really need to make time for, just take a moment to walk from one side of the block to the other & get some fresh air. Instead of parking close to the store - park on the other side of the lot and enjoy the sky & trees in the distance while you return your buggy... It really is the simple things which make all the difference.

*Bring Nature Inside - Floral and Nature based decorations are always a great way to brighten up a room. Small plants and cut flowers are a wonderful way to help bring nature inside. Even in small city dwellings you always have the option of a potted plant or two. But flowers aren't for everyone, and in homes with small children they can be rather messy! Try small rock gardens or other seasonal "stick" decorations.

*Harm None - While most think of the words "harm none" as a Wiccan notion, just about every Pagan belief system has a basic understanding that what we do returns to us. While it will take some work for some of us, remembering to take a moment to consider how our actions affect those around us, it's a great blessing once we start to see just how our faith affects those in our lives as much as it does.

*Sing!! - Songs of the Gods are all around us. Take some time to discover the beautiful music your new faith holds! There is something for everyone...  I've even heard Pagan Polkas! Make yourself a playlist and play it as you go about your day - clean house, dance with your kids or just read - music is always a beautiful addition to the day, and music with meaning is even better! Even better, learn the words to your favorite songs and belt them out loud!! Music has long been a part of Pagan celebrations and day to day life, make it a great addition to yours! The gods don't care how good your voice is, and neither do your kids, so SING OUT LOUD, SING A SONG!

*Plant a garden - Flowers, veggies, fruit... It doesn't matter what you grow or how big your garden is. But it's out job to do all we can do to protect the earth, aiding to it's growth is just one small way we can do so. And a great way to connect to the Goddess as we ask her blessings on each plant we put in the ground...

*Read! - 10 pages a day takes less than 10 minutes. So rather than flipping on the TV before bed, make a point to read just 10 pages a day of any Pagan based book you choose. (Reading List) Growing in knowledge is always a great way to grow in faith.

What ways do you connect? These are just some of the HUNDREDS of ideas out there! Comment and let us all know how YOU make time for the Gods or your faith. Share your easy balancing tips with everyone!

**Originally Written & Posted on my One Witch's Wonderland Blog, which has since closed.

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