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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Real Food On A Budget

So as a follow up to the post I made a few hours ago about eating real food, I thought it was important to explore the idea of feeding your family on a budget. This is something I'm currently struggling with.  I have a family of 5. A husband who would sooner eat shit than most vegetables; two young boys who think chicken nuggets are a "healthy food;" and a toddler who doesn't eat ANYTHING that isn't in gummy form. So just making a meal that everyone in my family will actually eat is - in itself - a challenge. Now add to that challenge planning an entire week or month of meals, using real - healthy - minimally processed, foods on just $100 a week, the challenge goes to a-whole-nother level! And so far, it's one I haven't mastered!

This year however, I plan to do my best to change that! And I'm so pleased that I found this article to use as a "guide." I've printed out the steps and put them in my household notebook so that I can refer to them later.

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