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Friday, January 4, 2013

Pagan Blog Project 2013: Week 1: Affirmations

About four years ago I joined a Home Based Business company, although the business end of things didn't work out for me their training was a HUGE benefit for me both in and out side of business... In addition to the normal "how to advertise" and "how to talk to clients" training they do a HUGE amount of Personal Growth. Because of their Personal Growth sessions and "training" I was actually introduced to a number of new techniques and ideas about the subject that I had never had the chance to encounter previously. One of these ideas was Affirmations. Prior to working with this company I had never so much as heard the term Affirmations, however, I will be forever thankful to them for the introduction!

Affirmations is the act of using repetitive words or writings as a way to bring change in to your life by acknowledging what is present or what is going to happen. Unlike "wishes" or hoping for something to happen, which focus on the negative of what is lacking, affirmations use positive energy to attract positive energy.  Generally Affirmations need to be done from "moon to moon" however, larger changes will take more time. The key to using Affirmations in your life is repetition and consistency. Affirmations can also be used as a "maintenance" tool in keeping positivity in your life once you have it. It's generally accepted that doing your affirmations in the morning and again in the evening is best to create a large change. It's also suggested that you do your repetitions in 10s.

If you're new to the idea of Affirmations, as I was, it sounds like something which is way to easy to be useful. You know the old saying "If it sounds to good to be true" well, I know that's how I felt about Affirmations in the beginning. However, my wonderful mentor kept telling me - TRY THIS! So, I said, what do I have to loose, and gave it a try. Within' my first month I saw small changes taking place in my life, I was more positive, my children were happier and I was even seeing changes in my health. When I stopped using the Affirmations and just went back to life as normal, I noticed these things changing again - and not for the good! It was proof enough for me that these simple statements were in fact creating change within me and within my life.

If you meditate, I feel doing affirmations after or in combination with meditation is a wonderful practice. If you aren't someone who has strong meditative skills, that's okay too. Simply sit and clear your mind as best you can. Clearing your mind allows you to focus without internal distraction. If you plan to write your affirmations make sure you are comfortably seated at your table or desk, if you are unable to comfortably write, you will have negative distractions and your affirmations will not be able to fully take hold in your subconscious or your life. If you plan to simply say your affirmations, just make sure you are seated comfortably.

Magickal folk from both old and new practices tend to agree that when we speak we are activating our throat chakra and sending our energy out in to the universe to create change. While writing does not do this, it does allow us to focus on the change internally and if you are in a situation where verbal affirmations are not going to be a good option, writing is a workable option. You can also incorporate written affirmations in to magickal workings, but I will address this in a future post.

Okay, so how do you really do Affirmations? How easy is it really? If you feel as lost as I did in the beginning, that's okay, that's normal! So I am going to try to break things down as much as I can. Once you read though the "steps" you'll have no problem using this technique in your life!

Step One:
Write your Affirmations out!
It's much easier to make sure you are using the same statement durring each of your sessions if you are reading it rather than simply trying to remember it.

Step Two:
Sit comfortably, back straight, shoulders back.

Step Three:
Breath Deeply & clear your mind, or meditate...

Step Four:
Read your Affirmations out-loud a minimum of 10 times & focus on what is being stated...

Step Five:
Repeat steps 2-4 twice a day for a minimum of one moon cycle OR every day for "maintenance" type of Affirmations.

That's it! You're done! As I said, it may seem to easy to work, but let me tell you how much change NOT using this technique created in my life... You guessed it - NONE! Now, how much change are you seeing by NOT doing this?


  1. I've been kicking around the idea of using affirmations as part of a daily mini-ritual that I can do morning and night as I greet the sun and moon but was unsure how to incorporate it. This post just inspired me! Thanks so much!

    1. You are so very welcome! I do a small little ritual every day too. One in the morning and one in the evening. I greet the God/Goddess, do a short meditation & devotional and then do my affirmations. All together it takes about 15mins. but it's very much worth it!


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