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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Herbal Waters

According to some studies, 80% or more of Americans are Chronically Dehydrated. While this is due to a number of factors, the biggest contributing factor is the fact that most people simply don't drink enough water. And I'll be honest, I'm most likely one of them. Sure, we all know water is good for us, but when given the choice between plain tap water and tea or soda, chances are, water looses out. Not because we don't want to be healthy, but because water is boring. But, there is a way to ensure that you're getting your water AND make it more appealing without adding all the sugar, caffeine and other less than healthy ingredients that are in things like juice or soda. Some of these are even tasty enough that kids will love them!

For my family I prefer to start with either fresh spring or filtered tap water. Store bought bottled water and tap water (which are often the same thing) often contain metals, chemicals and impurities that can be damaging to our health. If you have a local fresh spring, get a sample of water and have it tested to ensure that it's safe to drink - especially if you live near chemical plants, sewage facilities or other businesses that could contaminate ground water.  IF you don't know, or don't have safe spring water, or if you simply find it easier, filtering your own tap water is just as good. You won't have the benefits of the natural minerals that spring water usually provides, but they're generally minimal anyways. I suggest a Zero Water Pitcher over all others! Yes, they cost more, but they will strip out MUCH more than the average filter and leave you with fresher and healthier water!

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