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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to PROPERLY Use a Spirit Board

Okay, we've all heard the horror stories and warnings about using Spirit Boards. I'm not going in to detail about how they work or anything here, but recently some questions came up about how to use them in the first place.

Now, I know many Pagans/Witches don't use them simply because their channel is so wide. But I also know many who do. Personally, I have a spirit in my home that will ONLY communicate via Spirit Board, so I do have - and use - one. That said, I have seen how easily they can "go south" as well.

So this post is NOT about if you should or shouldn't use one or anything else. That is for YOU to decide. However, if you do choose to use one, it's imperative that you do it correctly! While I personally do not view them as purely negative tools (as I know many do) I also do not believe they are toys. Like ANY tool or practice which allows you to contact the spirit realm they do not limit your contact to positive spirits or entities. So proper use is a must in order for safety.

Using a spirit board is not difficult, BUT should be done with care and respect. Rule number one, be smart. Remember that whoever you are contacting deserves the same respect that you would want.

Alright, lets get down to it...
     How to use a Spirit Board:
Step 1. ~ Prepare the area. Remember that like attracts like, this is especially true in the spirit realm. If your space is full of negativity and anger, it will attract spirits with those same qualities.  Cleanse the area, use in a recently cleansed area or even in your sacred space. You MAY even choose to raise a circle. I also encourage you to burn a smudge stick throughout your session. White candles should be lit and any overhead or lamps turned off.

Step 2. ~ Prepare yourself.  Once you've taken the time to ensure that the space is free of excess negativity, it's a good idea to take a few moments to meditate and put yourself in a positive mind frame, free of stress or anger. 

Step 3. ~  Affirm your intentions.  This not only puts out the "proper vibe" but helps to ensure that you "get what you came for." Remember, like attracts like.

Here's a basic one: "Spirits, This is a safe place! Only those with my highest good may enter here!"

You may wish to add something like "I'm here to have my questions answered" or "I'm here to communicate with the spirits of my home" or "I wish to contact my Spirit Guides." Whatever. But do your best to be specific.

Step 4. ~ Begin your session.  Remember to be respectful. The last thing you want is an angry spirit in your midst. Stick to positive questions and positive wording. Remember, the spirits don't know what YOUR future holds, so skip all the "Who am I going to marry" and "When am I going to die" questions. They don't know the answers any better than you do, and any answers you get will be guesswork at best. The purpose of speaking to the spirits is not to play a game or amuse yourself, it's a serious tool for gaining incite and/or information act like it!

Step 5. ~ Ending the Session.  Move the planchette to the "Goodbye" spot on the board and affirm the ending of your session.  ~  "I am saying Goodbye! I am Ending this Communication! I am Sending ALL non-physical beings back through the door and I am closing it behind them!"  ~  Using a White Cloth wipe the board front and back as you envision the cloth absorbing any (both + and -) energy from the board. If you have been burning a smudge stick, pass the board, planchette and the cloth through the smoke. Wrap the board in a black loth and put it away. Blow out any candles.
It may seem like a lot of work. But serious divination should always be taken seriously. Unlike most divinatory tools Ouija & Spirit boards are "wide" channels, and need both "focused" and "turned off."


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