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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Extreme Couponing 101

I would LOVE to learn how to become an "extreme couponer." My biggest issue with it is that most of the products you find coupons for are products I don't or won't use - Things like cleaners, detergents, soaps, boxed or prepackaged foods, canned goods, etc. But if I have learned one thing from watching all the TV specials is that a great way to save is to earn "cash back" from coupon deals to use towards the rest of your purchase. So I figure even if I don't want something, if I can get cash back it will help with other items, or if I can get free items, I can donate them. Either way, it's a win! But first, I have to figure out exactly how all this works - I'm lousy at using sales and coupons!

So I have started doing some looking and researching for "how to" posts. And I found the mother load, so to speak. This blogger has posted a number of "101" posts on the subject just for people like me!

The ONE tip of my own that I will share is this - DO NOT USE COUPONS.COM or COUPONSUZY!  Coupon Suzy is "powered by" Coupons.com, so they are the same coupons. BUT, "Suzy" gets paid every time you print and redeem a coupon from her site. SO, instead of going to these sites - who earn from your savings - join Swagbucks and use their "coupon" page to print coupons! The Swagbucks Coupon page is IDENTICAL to Coupons.com and CouponSuzy - it's powered by coupons.com. BUT, every time you use a coupon you'll earn SwagBucks, which you can save up and trade in for gift cards or other rewards! Why would you want someone else to earn from your coupons when you could be? I'm not a real "couponer" (yet) but in 2012 I earned around $10 in Amazon cards, just for printing and using free coupons!

 Couponing 101 - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners: Lesson 1 - Where to Find Coupons

 Couponing 101 - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners: Lesson 2 - Know Your Coupon Basics & Your Local Store Policies 

Couponing 101 - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners: Lesson 3 - How to Organize Your Coupons

Couponing 101 Reader Question: "Can I Use More than One Coupon on the Same Item?"

Couponing 101 Reader Question: "What to Do When the Store is out of your "Deal" Item"

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