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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Magnetic "Spice Rack"

Technically this project is called a "spice rack." But you can use these for just about anything - herbs, spices, stones, crafting supplies... You name it. Hell, you can even use this in the workshop for nuts and bolts!

Personally, I think this would be awesome in a "working area" of a witchy room! Of course you first have to be lucky enough to have a witchy room... Think of all these jars full of herbs for making incenses, spell bags and potions... Can you picture it? Everything at your finger tips - plus, they kinda look like they're magickally floating! lol

Now, I have found TWO different versions of this. Personally, I like them both! I think the "hanging" version would be great for things you want to have on hand, but aren't necessarily using today or this season. While the "framed one" would be great for incenses, salts and herbs that you'll be using this season...

I've posted them both here...

Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack:  http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Easy-and-Cheap-Magnetic-Spice-Rack/?ALLSTEPS

Framed Spice Rack:  http://www.addicted2decorating.com/framed-magnetic-chalkboard-spice-rack.html

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