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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cold Weather Driving Readiness

There are very few weather disasters I have to prepare for in my area. I live way up on a hill in a deep valley in SW Pennsylvania. We don't get earthquakes, tornadoes or floods where I am accept once every 100 years or so. So while it's good to be prepared for those times when it might happen, mostly I need to worry about snow, ice and cold - which we tend to get a good bit of. I've been lucky so far and never really been in a bad situation. But I tend to feel like the longer I go without an emergency, the better my chances of it happening are. And with three small children, the last thing I want is to be stranded and unprepared! Roads can easily get slick and snow covers pot holes and other dangers quickly making it easy for even the best driers to get stuck!  Ensuring your car has everything you might need, is just smart!

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