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Monday, January 7, 2013

Affirmations: Part II

Okay, for last week's Pagan Blog Project post, I talked about Affirmations, how to use them and how they can create change in your life... But if you're anything like me the idea of actually writing that first Affirmation out is quite daunting! So, I wanted to talk about how to write and empower them. Using these simple tips, you'll be an Affirmations Expert in no time!

When writing Affirmations remember to say it as if you already have it, not as if you will have in the future.
 Ex: "I am happy."
Not: "I will be happy" or "I want to be happy."
(Unless you're developing your desire to be happy. Then "I want to be happy" is a perfect affirmation.)
Always remember to use Positive Phrasing!  Say what you do want, not what you don’t want.
Ex: "I am happy."
Not: "I'm no longer depressed."
Keep it Short & Simple!
Ex: "I am happy."
Not: "I am happy and all my dreams come true, and I live in grateful abundance and harmony in a world overflowing with grateful abundance and harmony for all beings forever."
Make sure things are believable and something which is doable!  Don't go so far out from where you are now that it seems impossible.
Ex: "I am happy."
Not: "I live in constant ecstasy, 24/7."
Write Affirmations as if you have a clean slate to work with.  It's better to start over rather than trying to change something.
Ex: "I am happy."
Not: "I am free of this burden."
 Keep things "real."  Don't tell yourself you're happy when your puppy has just died.
Ex: "I am grateful for the time we had together."
Not: "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, goshdarnit!"
If it becomes routine and difficult to feel a daily affirmation, update it so it's alive to you.
This is particularly beneficial when your subconscious belief has caught up to your positive affirmation. Then you can take it a little further.
Ex: "I am happy."
Update: "I am loving my life."
Don't worry about details to much.  Do an affirmation for the end result you want, not for how you think it will come about.
Ex: "I am engaged in my ideal career."
Not: "I wow them at this job interview," or "Joe Smith offers me the promotion."
If visualizations aren't your specialty, do self affirmations while looking at yourself in a mirror, and saying them in the second person, using your own name.
Ex: "Janice, you are worthy of love and happiness."

 Once you have your Affirmations written, put them to good use! In addition to saying them or writing them on a daily basis, you can do other small things to help empower them.
  • Write them out and post them where you will see them. I'm a BIG fan of Post-It notes for this one!
  • At times when conviction seems like just to much to muster (like when you're starting out) go for volume - Scream it to the stars!
  • Make it in to a chant or "song"
  • Repeat them at any time during your day when you need an extra pick me up.
  • Smile as you say them, touch your heart or "third-eye" while saying them. This will help your body to better absorb the positivity.
  • Generate a feeling of belief or an experience that your affirmation can be true, and is already true. If that's too far, then aim to feel a sense of well-being. Let these feelings suffuse your entire body. This is THE most important tip for empowering your daily affirmations.
  • Act on your affirmations. Confirm your new reality with appropriate actions.
  • Lock and seal them. After doing some repetitions of your positive affirmation, gently tap your fingertips together repeatedly (thumb to thumb, index to index, etc.) simultaneously, and turn your gaze upwards as you declare . . .
    "I believe 100% that I can have this. I know completely and on all levels of my being that this is true! And so it is! Locked into my deepest body and mind and soul as truth." 
 It may also be helpful to use some "pre-written" affirmations until you get the hang of writing your own. However, those you write your own will always be the best!

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  1. Sabrina, I am loving your series on Affirmations. Thanks so much!


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