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Friday, January 4, 2013

10 Ways to Use Orange Peels

As I become more and more "green" in my life I am attempting to discover new ways to use and reuse things. Now, it may seem that the simple answer for "reusing" food products is just to compost. But to be completely honest, because we are renters, we are not able to compost at this point... I am attempting to get the supplies together to make a small "rolling" bin this spring, but as of yet, I don't have anything.

But even if and when we get a compost bin up and running, I can only imagine I will continue to look for and find new and different ways to use peels and other food products. Why? Because frankly, if I can use something I already have to do a job, I would rather NOT go out and buy something new.

My kids LOVE oranges. We usually go through a couple dozen a week, so we get a lot of peels around. I have been using them to make cleaners lately, but some of these ideas are worthy of a try or two. I LOVE the idea of using them as a fire starter... I wonder if they would work dried?

My next big purchase will be a dehydrator, at which point I'll start powdering my peels for incense - which I suppose you could add to this list as number 11! 

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