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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Fruit Dip

8 ounces cream cheese, softened
8 ounces vanilla yogurt
5 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1 pinch allspice
1. Beat the cream cheese in a small bowl until very smooth and creamy.
2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.
3. Spoon into a serving bowl, cover tightly and refrigerate for at least three hours.
4. Serve chilled.


Try growing your own sprouts. All you need are some seeds, a large, clean jar and some netted fabric secured with a band. Soak seeds that have been thoroughly rinsed for the first 24 hours in clean cool water, draining and refreshing the water several times. Store in the dark. Then rinse twice a day with fresh clean water and set in sunlight. Your sprouts will be ready to eat in a week.
Sprouts add texture and flavor to your cooking. Mustard and radish sprouts are quite spicy, while alfalfa, bean, and sunflower sprouts are very mild and are used more for texture. They all make good snacks on their own, or use leafy sprouts like radish, alfalfa, sunflower, or onion in salads. Throw mung bean or soybean sprouts into a stir-fry. Onion sprouts are great on burgers and sandwiches.


Rinsing is critical during germination. You can get sick if the sprouts start to mold. Plus, they might stink up your kitchen.

• Bean sprouts should be shielded from all light so they don’t develop any chlorophyll—they become bitter when they turn green. But if you are sprouting something like radish or alfalfa, the sprouts look sickly if you don’t let ’em green up. If they’re a little pale, try moving the jar to a place that gets more indirect sunlight.

• Do not try to sprout kidney beans, either red or white (a.k.a. cannellini beans). Raw kidney beans contain a toxin that’s destroyed during cooking. Eating them raw will make you sick.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Nutrition Facts

I want to get this tattooed on the side of my boob... And no, I'm not kidding!

75 Uses for Baking Soda

I seriously buy Baking Soda by the POUND! It's a slight obsession. So, I am extremely pleased to see this!

How to Can Jalapeno Peppers

I am HOPING I can really kick my canning up to full gear next year... I can't wait to try this one!

How to save Tomato Seeds

Seriously, who doesn't love TipNut?

Leaping Bunny Buy Cruelty-Free Contest on Pinterest

I'm not on Pinterest - I seriously can't figure it out - but this is for all of you who are. I LOVE Leaping Bunny, they are just awesome! 
Leaping Bunny is now on Pinterest and to inaugurate our page, we're doing a super contest with drugstore.com's TheNaturalStore.com!  
Enter to win more than $200 in Leaping Bunny certified products. For complete details visit, http://www.leapingbunny.org/pinterestContest.php.

Fun "Green" Crafts for kids & parents

I love these ideas... 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to clean rusty cast iron

1. Place your rusty skillet in the sink and sprinkle a couple tablespoons of salt into it.
2. Take your chunk of potato and start scrubbing. The moisture from the potato will be enough to help the salt dig in to the rust.
3. The salt will get dirty very quickly. You may choose to rinse out the pan to survey your progress. If there is still rust, add more salt and repeat Step 2.

Complete instructions here: http://bit.ly/HLHZuL

Friday, August 17, 2012

eBay is Banning Magick?

This is NOT something I had planned to blog on. It's something I THOUGHT was rather cut and dry and something I am SHOCKED to see so many people fight! But, since just today, I've seen 3 different petitions trying to stop eBay from instituting this new rule, it's something I just can't ignore.

So, here's the deal. eBay has revised their list of things which are and aren't allowed to be sold on their site. Among those items which will no longer be allowed to be sold are - Tarot (and similar) Readings, Spells, Potions and "Readings."  What they ARE continuing to allow to be sold is ANYTHING physical!

eBay has, for years, been a place where anyone - Pagan or not - could post an auction promising to preform Magick for Love, Job or just about any other cause for the Winner of the Auction. And since the first of such auctions has been listed, people have been using these auctions to RIP OFF the winners by simply NOT doing anything once they collect their payment. And let's be honest, is there anyway to PROVE that someone didn't do a spell and get your money back? NOPE! So eBay has been forced to become the middle man between fraudulent "sellers" and disgruntled "buyers" who feel they haven't got what they paid for.

Now, does this mean that EVERY ad for a spell was fraudulent? Of course not. I know of a few very credible Witches on there who sold their services as a promotional tool. BUT, the fact is, most were not. And even those who were or are, can't actually PROVE that they are providing the services legitimately. Even things like "readings" could simply be a universal copy & paste letter that was written and sent out to everyone who wins an auction of this kind. Again, it's impossibly to prove that something is actually done or not.

They are NOT stopping sales on any physical items! Not at all! This is NOT an attack on the Pagan community! And it's NOT a violation of anyone's Religious Rights. So when you hear or read that, do yourself a favor and stop reading, cause it's crap!

The Pagan community should be PROUD of eBay for this move, not displeased! Why? Because all of these numerous supposed "Witches" and "Pagans" and other sellers of these fake spells, readings and such are only furthering the bad publicity which the Pagan community faces. There is enough propaganda and rumor out there about Pagans, the last thing we need is eBay sales which seem to back these things up. If there were a physical shop which was ripping off customers and claiming to be a professional Witch or Pagan shop, NO ONE would be supporting them. BUT, when eBay acts to protect themselves from these unscrupulous sellers the entire community starts screaming and hollering about persecution... People, the first rule of Wicca (and more other Pagan beliefs) is to cause NO HARM, this includes protecting people from being ripped off in the name of Witchcraft. Are there a small percentage of these auctions which are real and who's listers will now loose some cash from time to time? Yes, and that is unfortunate. However, since the vast majority are NOT legitimate, supporting the removal of these categories from eBay's auctions only protects the community as a whole.

It's to bad eBay can't just forbade the fake listings, but as we all know, criminals don't listen to the rules in the first place, that isn't going to work!

I have a great love for this...

Free Seeds & Bulbs

Who doesn't love free stuff?

Get Free Seeds & Bulbs for over 100 different herbs, trees & flowers!


2 Tbsp. coconut oil
2 Tbps. baking soda
2 Tbsp. calcium magnesium powder
2 Tbps. xylitol or green stevia powder
2 tsp. real sea salt
20 drops essential oil (peppermint, spearmint, lavender & oregano are all good choices )
10 drops trace minerals

(For more info on dental hygiene visit: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2012/04/rethinking-oral-health-care-a-homemade-toothpaste-recipe-for-tooth-remineralization.html)
**The above is NOT the recipe I use!

Here's how I make my own ~
2Tbsp. Organic Coconut Oil
2Tbsp. Baking Soda
15 drops essential oil (I like Oregano, but it's strong for most people)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Johnson & Johnson Says No More Chemicals...

When I had my oldest two children, I didn't know everything I know now. It was completely normal for you to see a bottle of J&J baby wash (or even Parent's Choice) around my house. I mean, it's baby wash, it's SUPPOSED to be safer... Right? Wrong! By the time I had my daughter, I knew better and I have done everything in my power (short of firing my husband) to stop that kind of chemically filled crap from being used on or near my children. For the most part, I use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap on them (and me) now as it's chemical free. I wish I had known how toxic J&J was with I had the first two, but I didn't.

Anyways, J&J has decided it's time to go Chemical free - I'm not holding my breath, but we can hope!

Read the Inhabitots article here - http://www.inhabitots.com/johnson-johnson-says-no-more-chemicals-again-as-consumers-wait-for-action/

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why you should stay away from Agave Nectar!

Read Here

Stop Accepting!

If only everyone felt this way!


Really, there's no point to this post... Just some really beautiful photos! THIS is why I love nature!

What has Obama Done???

All to often I am hearing people bitch about how little President Obama has done in his presidency. As if he simply sits in office with his thumb up his butt or something... When the fact is, the man has in fact done quite a bit for us - Much more than Bush did in twice as much time!

Read 194 things Obama has Accomplished while in Office (all of which backed up with citations)

Tolerance Is...

10 Tips to Change Your Life...

First, let me say if I ever were to have a real role model in life, it's this woman! Well, I suppose she's one of two... But seriously, I love her!

Read them Here 

Friday, August 10, 2012

BOS Table of Content

I've shared this on my "One Witch's Wonderland" facebook page and in a few groups on other sites. But for those of you who don't follow me there I thought it would be helpful to post it here.

Recently I decided to revamp and "clean up" my Book of Shadows. Doing so, I created a "Table of Content" to help keep me organized long term. I know this can seem very daunting task for many, which is why I'm sharing. When I started doing mine, I tried to find some examples of set up and couldn't find ANY. So hopefully, this will help some of you, since there weren't any to help me!

Title Page

Table Of Content 

Book Blessing

Chapter 1 ~ Personal
~Daily Life
~Personal Ethics
~Personal Beliefs & Information

Chapter 2 ~ Metaphysics

Chapter 3 ~ History

Chapter 4 ~ Mythology

Chapter 5 ~ Magickal Beings

Chapter 6 ~ Symbology
~ Alphabets

Chapter 7 ~ Tools

Chapter 8 ~ Magickal Correspondences & Associations

Chapter 9 ~ Sabbats

Chapter 10 ~ Esbats

Chapter 11 ~ Body, Mind & Spirit
~ Meditation
~ Chakra
~ Grounding & Centering
~ Spirit Guides
~ Ancestor Contact
~ Astral Projection
~ Auras
~ Other

Chapter 12 ~ Witchcraft
~ Candle Magick
~ Ritual Magick

Chapter 13 ~ Natural Witchery
~ Herbs
~ Stones, Gems & Crystals
~ Animals
~ Natural Waters

Chapter 14 ~ Kitchen Witchery
~ Tools
~ Recipes

Chapter 15 ~ Rituals for Life

Chapter 16 ~ Divination

Chapter 17 ~ Words of Power
~ Spells & Chants
~ Prayers & Blessings

Chapter 18 ~ Magickal Recipes
~ Oils & Incense
~ Potions
~ Powders

Chapter 19 ~ Personal Records

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states

As some of you know, I am in the process of buying a home. One of the many "MUST DO" things on the list is a Rain Barrel w/ a hose spout. This would allow me to gather rain water (which living in PA is rather abundant) and use it to water my garden - Cutting down my water waste, and the bills that go with it. BUT, did you know that some states have made this illegal?

Yes, it's true! If you live in certain Mid-Western States you could in fact be facing a court date for collecting rain water for personal use. APPARENTLY, this water is owned by those who hold "water rights."

Read the Full Article:  http://www.naturalnews.com/029286_rainwater_collection_water.html

I would love to know what they think about my taking water out of the river to water my plants with...

Deadly Immunity - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates...

Believe it or not, this "mini" documentary features Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as he investigates the government cover-up of a mercury - autism connection and explores deception on the part of the CDC, FDA, WHO and numerous Big Pharma Corporations.

It saddens me that we live in a country where we are meant to have such great freedom, yet when it comes to our own health, and those of our families, we can't even trust the organizations in charge of keeping us safe to be honest or open enough with us to allow us the freedom of making our own educated choices! PLEASE, for your own families sake, do your research BEFORE you vaccinate. You can ALWAYS vaccinate later, but once it's done, you can't take it back!

Check it out here - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1419999256011826335

Fall Preservation Guide...

I hate to admit this. But as I am learning to live healthier and cook from scratch, I am brand new to things like canning... So, I found this article to be very helpful!
- Read it here -  

Chicken or Coffee? When Companies Take Sides...

Find out which companies have chosen sides in the War Against Equality...


Seriously? This is just awesome!

Props to whoever created this. I would shake your hand but there's a computer in the way!

If you can't see the whole image, click it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebrating Marilyn Monroe!

50 years ago today, the world lost one of the most inspiring women who ever graced American soil! You are still remembered Marilyn!

Couldn't say it better...

The Greater Good Movie

I have been waiting to see this movie for a LONG time! FINALLY, it's available on Youtube. Watch it!
What is "The Greater Good?" THE GREATER GOOD is a character-driven documentary that explores the cultural intersections where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics. The film offers parents, doctors and policy makers a safe space to speak openly, actively listen and to learn from one another. Mixing verité footage, intimate interviews, 1950s-era government-produced movies and up-to-date TV news reporting, THE GREATER GOOD weaves together the stories of families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination.

Homemade Nesquick Syrup

Friday, August 3, 2012

Making your own Rose Water

I have not tried this yet, but I can not wait to! Rose water is awesome stuff... But alas... My roses died in the heat this year... Guess I'll have to be a good girl so Jay will get me some for my birthday!

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

So I found this on another blog called - Kitchen Meets Girl - and I could NOT wait to try it! DELISH!

The how to is extremely easy!

You'll Need:
  • 1lb Bing Cherries
  • 1 Bottle Maraschino Liqueur
  • 1 Large Mason Jar
How Too:
  1. Pit Cherries - they look BEAUTIFUL if they are whole (like in the pic) but biting in to a pit can be painful! So I pit them fist!
  2. Fill your Jar with Cherries.
  3. Pour Liqueur over Cherries until Jar is full.
  4. Seal tightly and place in refrigerator for 2-4 weeks.
These should keep well for a few months - but seriously? Who's gonna wait that long to eat them!
**Try with icecream!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making your own Sunblock

This is one of MANY recipes I've found for making your own sun block. Personally, the "can" method they use here is rather primitive, but it works if you don't have a double boiler.

Pesto How To

I LOVE Pesto. Unfortunately, my husband won't eat it... BOO : (

Learn how to make your own:

Chick-Fil-A Taxes...

I've gotten quite a few questions as to "where I get my information" about Chick-Fil-A's spending and donations. Well, you can find the information in quite a few places, but the best I know of is the IRS!

Here is a copy of Chick-Fil-A's 2009 Taxes - Charitable Donations are located on page 41.


Facts - they do a brain good!

Raw Pretty in Pink Birthday Cheesecake


Recipe Here -

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 (well 6) reasons Chick-Fil-A isn't what you think...

Did I just say all this in my post? Yes, I did. But this elaborates on what I said a little more for those who want something to back up my opinions...

Parents, Not State, Should Decide Whether to Vaccinate

For those that don't know yet, I don't vaccinate my children - never will! I don't believe any child should EVER be vaccinated! BUT, I do support a parent's right to make that choice for themselves. I HOPE they are all making an EDUCATED CHOICE, even though I know the vast majority are not... BUT, regardless of whether or not I agree with a parent's choice, it IS their choice and needs to remain so!

Why the Chick-Fil-A issue is NOT about Freedom of Speech/Religion

If you were to listen to the Media you'd assume that Hundreds of Thousands of individuals are boycotting the fast food restaurant "Chick-Fil-A" solely because of a few intolerant comments made by it's CEO. But that's NOT what's happening! Unfortunately, this mis-reporting has caused more support of the company by people who would never be supporting them, if they knew the truth. Many supporters are flooding the Anti-Chick-Fil-A facebook pages and groups with comments like "Support Freedom of Speech/Religion - Support Chick-Fil-A" rather than actually researching the issue and realizing that this issue has NOTHING to do with Religion or Speech!

While recent comments by the CEO did bring certain things to light for many people, this is NOT the basis for the boycotts. And while I'm sure there are people who have stopped eating there simply because of a few comments, that's not the majority of them. The CEO has a right to his beliefs and his views SHOULD NOT directly affect the company. I am sure we would be hard pressed to find a company anywhere that can say they don't employ at least a few people who share the beliefs of this man. And the idea of boycotting a company based solely because a single person involved with the company supports intolerance or inequality is something I personally find ridiculous - If you're gonna do that, you'd better simply lock yourself up and learn to be completely self sufficient! Frankly, no one gives to fucks about what the companies CEO beliefs or says! As I said, this issue has NOTHING to do with Freedom of Speech or Religion!

So, then, what is keeping hundreds of thousands of people away from this company? Well, for many of us it's the same thing that's kept us out for years now - The simple fact that Chick-Fil-A uses it's profits to support charities and groups such as: 

- Marriage & Family Legacy Fund
- Fellowship of Christian Athletes
- National Christian Foundation
- Focus on the Family
- Eagle Forum
- Exodus International
- Family Research Council

These groups are ALL Anti-Equality groups which actively work to prevent both marriage AND workplace equality! At least one of these groups (Exodus Intnl.) even funds "Ex-Gay Therapy" which the American Psychiatric Assoc. has completely discredited as being an "actual form of therapy" sighting treatments as "thinly veiled sexual abuse" and "a danger to mental health."

While Chick-Fil-A has yet to make their 2011 tax returns public (or at least I, personally couldn't find them) from their 2009-2010 tax returns it's clear that they are donating a large chunk of their profits to these groups/charities. In 2009, the total was aprox. $1.9M while in 2010 that number climbed to just over $2M.

But why does that matter? Their donations don't affect their chicken, right?  Well, that's partly right. Where their donations go don't poison the chicken or create phantom salmonella. BUT, when we support a company, we support them wholly. We don't get to say "I support your chicken, but you're not allowed to use MY money to support these causes!" When you spend your money through a company that supports these causes (or other causes you don't agree with) YOU are in effect supporting these causes.

I do not support bigotry, hate, intolerance or inequality and I would NEVER donate to causes which do. So therefore, I will not support companies which DO. And THIS is the stance that Hundreds of Thousands of American's are taking! THIS is the issue, not speech, not religion, but the simple fact that we will NOT sway our values simply for some cheap chicken!

Blessed Lammas/Lughnasadh

Learn about Lughnasadh/Lammas Here:
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