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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Christmas Tree is Pagan

As I'm decorating for Christmas/Solstice, I am thinking about all the comments and nasty arguments I end up in every year because of how we decorate. You know, it never fails, every year I end up with people lecturing me about the fact that I'm Pagan and I have a Christmas tree in my living-room. As if there were some unwritten law about who can and can't decorate an evergreen in December. So I thought, this year, instead of letting all the nasty people come to me, I would cut them off and simply settle this once and for all!

First, my dear husband is Christian, even if the Christmas tree didn't have Pagan roots, I would still have a damn good reason to have one. Second, the Christmas - or Holiday - Tree is purely a Pagan symbol. Many Pagans today put up a tree for Yule or Solstice celebrations. For our home, it does double duty - thus the "general" term of "Holiday Tree." We decorate it with white lights, silver & red balls and an "Angel/Goddess" figure (She's Beautiful!) on top. In the eyes of my husband, it's a symbol of Christmas. For me, it's a clear symbol of the Winter Solstice. I'm not sure WHY it's such a controversy for others, but it always is...

So, for those who don't believe me, I thought it would be a good idea to share this webpage. It's a wonderful page devoted entirely to the Christmas Tree and it's history - including the Pagan part!

But hey, regardless of what you celebrate this time of year - Christmas, Yule, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwanza, or something else I've never heard of - I hope you have a wonderful one! 

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