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Monday, December 10, 2012

Solstice Bird Seed Ornament

Every year for Solstice my kids and I make Bird Seed Ornaments and hang them through the trees and bushes outside. We make ours with Whole Wheat Mini Bagles, Peanut Butter, Bird Seeds and some 100% Unbleached Cotton Twine. They're not very "Pretty" but they are very Eco-friendly, since even the twine is animal safe and will biodegrade easily!

To make them, just cut your bagels in half and string on to twine. Then simply smear with peanut butter and dip (PB side down) in the birdseed. It's as easy as that. I like to make with the mini bagels because you can make more and they don't over crowd the bushes or trees as much as the bigger ones do.

Gladly I am not the only one that does this - although for this lady I don't think it has anything to do with solstice!  And while my version is very child friendly and easy, this lady's version is more work, but they're very pretty and would make great gifts - especially for Solstice!

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