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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pagan Parenting: The Earth And I

My sister is a janitor for a local school district. And this school has one of the worst policies on what to do with old books I've ever heard... Apparently because it's school funds that goes in to providing the books they aren't permitted to donate them, so they throw them away... Which is dumb. But, which is good for me because my sister, who is supposed to toss them, brings them home for my kids - YEA!

Recently she brought home a huge stack of books about the earth, sun and solar system. And they are all from in the age range of Pre-K to like first or second grade, which is perfect since my oldest is 5. Anyways. We are in the process of reading our way through the books that I picked out as educational or that were on subjects I enjoy... Frankly I'm just not a fan of books that don't teach anything.

Tonight we read a wonderful book called The Earth and I. It's a very easy read, with beautifully colored pages. And it's the story of how one little boy and the Earth are best friends. Very easy words for young children to read, and wonderful lessons for parents to use as well. It talks walking with, talking to, dancing with and even listening to the Earth... As well as how things like litter make Her "Sad" and how that makes the boy feel, and how he can help her grow. Plus it talks about the wonderful things the Earth does for us - like helping the boy grow!

It's a short book, and a really easy read. But hidden in it's beautiful water color illustrations and easy to read words and short sentences are some incredibly touching ideals and wonderful lessons. My sons and I read it twice and then went page by page and talked about things like spending time with nature and what even they can do to help keep the earth healthy and happy.

If you have young children, there is no doubt in my mind that you need this book. It may not be written for young Pagans, but it is most definitely one that they will love and connect with from the moment they hear it. - Plus, it's play-date friendly for when you have their non-Pagan friends over to play!

**Originally written & published on One Witch's Wonderland Blog, which has since closed

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