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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More on the Household Notebook, Plus Free Printables

Since I've started to build my household notebook, I've been looking everywhere for tips and tricks on making it better! I have a feeling I'll never really be done with this!

But here's some ideas for you and some links for free printouts!

My Notebook is broken up in to 5 sections:
  • Everyday Needs
    ~Daily Routines
    ~Chore Lists
    ~Important & Emergency Phone Numbers
    ~Lending List (who borrowed what)
  • Finances & Budget
    ~Monthly Budget
    ~Ebay Sales Records
    ~Business Expenses
    ~Work Related Expenses
    ~Utility Account Information
    ~Bank Account Information
    ~Insurance Policies
    ~Owners Papers for Major Items (copies)
  • Food Related
    ~Cupboard Organization
    ~Shopping Lists
    ~Menu Planning
    ~Favorite Products
    ~Canning & Preserving Lists
  • House & Home
    ~Holiday & Party Planning
    ~Cleaner Recipes
    ~Monthly / Yearly Checklists
    ~Gardening Plans
  • Personal
    ~Insurance Cards & Info
    ~SSN Cards, Birth Certs (copies)
    ~Marriage License
    ~Medical Records
    ~Vaccine Exemptions
You get the idea... I'm a perfectionist, so this is just the beginning. I'm sure I'll be adding things every other week now... That's just how I am!  It would be much bigger but for the fact that I already have binders for all my food recipes, herbal & home remedies, homemade cleaners, vaccine research and information and all my natural living research... Yeah, I have a lot of binders - and that's not including all my witchy binders! lol

Anyways, here are some pages I've found that have free printables and downloads for you. Even if you prefer not to use theirs, they may give you some ideas!

And I'm sure you can find more if you look!  But these should give you a good start...

1 comment:

  1. How interesting! I will definitely have to look into these as a way to try to get my household more organized.

    Sadly, though, for someone who's as disarrayed as me, it's hard to really know where to begin :-/


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