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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Natural Inks

I have been reading a book called Green Spirituality lately. And it's got a lot of great ideas. Meditating with Trees, Nature walks, Talking with the flowers... Great stuff, but one thing that I really loved was a section on making your own paper and inks. Now, I've made paper in the past and love using herbs and flowers in papers made for spell work to help boost the energy. But I never thought of making my own inks.

The book talked about how using inks made with herbs, flowers or even tree leaves or nuts can help to imbue your work with the energies of that particular plant. Now some plants are known for their specific correspondence to one thing or another - love, protection, prosperity, etc. - while others are known for a correspondence to magick in general. Echinacea for example, is known for providing that extra little "oomph" to any spell it's associated with. This, in my opinion, makes it the perfect option for writing in your Book of Shadows with! Is there really a more magickal book? Why not use it to aid ALL your magick?  Or if you have something you feel it's really important to remember, why not use ink made from Rosemary, as it aids concentration and memory. Working on a charm for a child with nightmares? How about writing it in Anise Ink and placing it under their mattress?

We all know plant energy is wonderful for all kinds of magick, but how many of us have really considered ink? I know I hadn't. I burn herbs and flowers as incense. I add them to potions. I bury them when doing Earth Magick. Hell, I use them in medicine and cleaners and just about everything. But where does most of my "work" energy go when working on a new spell or potion or ritual? Writing! It takes all my focus and concentration to create the words and get them right - so WHY would I not also incorporate hose same plant based energies in to the process? Well, now that I think about it, I would, and I should! It only makes sense!

And apparently it was a message I was meant to get! Because the day after I was reading about making plant based inks in my book, someone on my facebook feed posted a link to a blog on the same subject. Well, I don't believe in coincidences! This was a message I was meant to get, and so, it's one I got! And now, it's one I'm passing on.

Happy Creating!

NOTE:  This same method can be used with just about any plant or plant part! Although this post is specifically about flowers, you can simply substitute roots, leaves or even berries or other fruits if they better suit your needs! 

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