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Monday, December 17, 2012

Making Gel Air Fresheners

I made these over the weekend and love the way they make my house smell! I did mine in a citrus smell, mixing Lemon Grass and Sweet Orange Oils. But you can use whatever scents you like! Since this was the first time I made them, I focused just on getting it right, rather than making them pretty. But now that I have it down, I'm going to think of ways to make it prettier... I have some fish bowls I'm thinking of using along with some decorative stones. But the point is, they smell good and they're easy to make.

So, here's how.

You will need:
  • Small Jars, Bowls or Vases
  • Unflavored Gelatin
  • Water
  • Essential Oils
  • Food Coloring (optional)

The process couldn't be any easier. If you can make Gelatin, you can make these...

  1. Follow the directions on your Gelatin package - completely dissolving the Gelatin powder in the water. 
  2. Pour in to your containers.  
  3. IF you wish to add food coloring, do so now using a stick or small spoon to stir in color. 
  4. Add 30-40 drops essential oils last.
    **I do NOT recommend stirring in your essential oils, as it will weaken the fragrance - you can't smell the oils on the bottom. But some people like to.
  5. Place in fridge or allow to gel according to directions on Gelatin package.
It's that simple. Once completely gelled, put them through your home. If your jar has a lid or cover, you may want to cover occasionally to help prolong scent.


  1. Is the Gelatin you are talking about the instant jello mix? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question.

    1. Yeah, it's the same thing, accept that it's not flavored or colored. You can usually find it in the baking isle at the grocery store.

      I posted a link to the product on Amazon. I'm not sure why I forgot to do so originally... Maybe once you see the picture you'll know what you're looking for!

      Thanks for reading!


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