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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kids Room Organisation

Who's got kids who just can't ever seem to keep their room clean? Are you holding your arm in the air? I am! My boys are 5 & 6 and have a very small bedroom. So when you factor in a large toy box, two dressers, their TV and their beds, there really just isn't enough room for a "mess" too. So getting, and keeping, their room organized is not only very important, but hugely important! Now, I'm lucky, my boys are going to be moving up to the attic soon and they will have a lot more room up there. But if we can get some of our organizational tools put in to practice before they move up there, it will make for a much easier move and a much cleaner room once they do have the extra room...

Here are some awesome ideas that just about any parent can create in their child's (or their own) room!

This blog actually has a few posts on organizing children's rooms, so I'm putting them all here, you don't want to miss ANY of the information!

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