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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hemp for Building...

I dream of some day not only owning my own home, but building my dream home! I was 6 bedrooms - including 2 adjoining masters - 9 bathrooms, office space, media room, library, gym w/lap pool, and even an underground "bunker" - just in case! I dream of a home that is fully energy independent! Solar panels on the roofs, and at least 2 wind mills! I want my "home" to include a guest house and a small "duplex" for the staff (which is an entire different post...)

Just one of many inspirations for my dream home design!

Now, all that may seem like a dream... And it is. Chances are I'll NEVER have the chance to do all that... But who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery. What is almost assured though is that at some point in my life I will either be building or remodeling a home! When I do so, I plan to ensure that I'm not only using the best materials for me and my family, but for the Earth herself! That includes HEMP!

Yep! Hemp isn't just for making hippie clothing and jewelery any more! As it turns out, Hemp is one of, if not THE, best material for home and building construction. And IF it were legal to grow and cultivate in the US, it would be the cheapest source of building material available as well as create jobs AND be completely renewable and Eco-friendly!

So here's some facts to consider when either rebuilding, building from scratch or deciding weather or not to vote for cannabis legalization!
  • 1 Acre of Hemp produces the same amount of cellulose fiber as over 4 Acres of Trees!
  • Hemp is 7 times stronger than concrete and has 1/2 the weight! (which means it's easier to build with!)
  • Hemp has 3 TIMES the elasticity as concrete! Making it a SAFER material to build with in earthquake prone areas! 
  • Hemp has proven to be resistant to rot, bugs, fungus, mold, and many rodents. It's also water and fire proof!
  • Because hemp is a natural material, it actually IMPROVES air quality by "breathing."
Want some more information? Good!



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