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Thursday, December 6, 2012

72 Hour "Bug Out Bag"

You can't be to safe. And if you are ever in a position where you need to get out of dodge NOW and stay out, having a "Bug Out Bag" ready and available isn't a bad thing.

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Make sure to include:
  • Cash - Actual Gold is a great option as well. Cash will loose value if the government were to fail. Gold has carried value since long before cash was invented!
  • Shelter - Think Tent, Sleeping bags, Ponchos, Tarps, etc...
  • Communication Devices - Hand crank or Solar powered are really best. You don't want to run out of Batteries in the middle of a life saving PSA!
  • Wind Proof Lighter - Zippo Brand is best!
  • Water - You need about a gallon of water per person per day. So consider carrying a water filter and cup or bottles. 
  • First Aid Kit - Well Stocked! Make sure to have your families medications!
  • Paperwork! - Passports, ID's, Weapons Permits, etc... 
  • WEAPON! But make sure you know how to use it first! Don't forget extra ammunition. 
  • Extra clothing! Make a point to pack for the season! Sweaters will do you no good in a Southern July!
  • Food Supplies - Look for freeze dried items, and protein bars.
  • Lights - Candles, Glow Sticks and a Battery-less Flashlight are all good options.
  • All Purpose Tool - You never know what you might need. But remember that a good quality tool can safe your life. 

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