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Thursday, December 13, 2012

65 Places to Leave Your Business Cards

Do you have a business or cause to promote? Business cards are one of the best ways to raise traffic, business or awareness! They're easy to pass out. Inexpensive to purchase or make and easy for others to pass on to their friends or family when need be. 

Here is a list of 65 different kinds of places to advertise. Of course, you can always add to this list. Let your imagination go wild! Enjoy! I suggest you visit VistaPrint, order yourself business cards, postcards, sticky notes and whatever else you can get FREE, or pretty close to it. Leave them EVERYWHERE you go... Make a point to put out 10 - 15 every time you leave the house, it will usually only ad 2-5 mins to your trip!

  1. Arcades 
  2.  Mechanics Waiting Rooms
  3. Laundry Mats
  4. College Campuses
  5. Back of Bathroom Stall Doors (use tape)
  6. Libraries
  7. Hair Salons
  8. Tax Preparation Offices
  9. Orthodontist Offices
  10. Insurance Offices
  11. Dry Cleaners
  12. Bagel Shops
  13. Doughnut Shops
  14. Deli's
  15. ATM's (I like sticky notes for ATMs)
  16. Veterinarians
  17. Nail Salons
  18. Day Care Centers
  19. Retirement Homes
  20. Model New Home Centers
  21. Real Estate Agent Offices
  22. In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
  23. With Your Tip at Restaurants
  24. With Toll Booth Collectors
  25. Grocery Store Clerks
  26. Video Stores
  27. Dressing Rooms
  28. Bank Tellers
  29. Shoe Stores
  30. Kids Resale Shops
  31. Gymboree Centers
  32. Temporary Staff Offices
  33. Flower Shops
  34. Restaurants
  35. Pet Stores
  36. Dance Studios
  37. Grocery Store Bulletin Boards
  38. Mortgage Offices
  39. Computer Stores
  40. School Administration Offices
  41. Fabric Stores
  42. Print Shops
  43. Cashiers at Dealerships
  44. Tanning Salons
  45. Vitamin Stores
  46. Sales People At Any Store
  47. Senior Activity Centers
  48. Walk-In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms
  49. Credit Unions
  50. Supply Stores
  51. Park Benches
  52. Bus Stops
  53. Pharmacies
  54. Bowling Alleys
  55. Clerks At The Post Office
  56. Gas Station Attendants
  57. Movie Theater Lobbies
  58. Furniture Stores
  59. Places Where You Pay Your Bills
  60. Cable Offices
  61. Water and Gas Utilities
  62. Any Place Where There Is A Woman Receptionist
  63. Apartment Leasing Offices
  64. Baby Food Area In Super Markets
  65. Inside tool, jewelry or other boxes on shelves for sale

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