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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UGH... OMM is at it again!

I am so tired of this group! One Million Mom's has, for whatever reason, taken it at their job to decide what is, and isn't, okay for you and me to watch, read, hear and see...  And they're at it yet again! In the past they have targeted everything from icecream companies to comic books to Dancing With The Stars... Now, they are focusing their harassment techniques on the ABC Drama 666 Park Ave. A show which I happen to LOVE! Now, I can - somewhat - understand when they are working to change programing that comes on when their children could be up and watching - Although frankly, if you don't want your kids watching it, turn it off! In this case however, the show comes on at 10PM. It IS an adult show, with adult drama and adult situations... And it is on during the appropriate time frame for ADULTS!  So while I completely understand them wanting to protect their children - they have NO place trying to protect ADULTS who can clearly make their own choices as to what they want to watch!

This email came to me today from OMM:
Every single sponsor we previously contacted did not appear on the past several episodes of "666 Park Avenue." Your voice was heard!
The satanic and demonic series "666 Park Avenue" is described on ABC's website as a mix between "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Shining."
To paraphrase the description of the program given on ABC's website: The show is about a young couple who find what they think to be an amazing apartment when in fact it is haunted. Those who live in the building seduce others to get what they need and want. But how far will they go to get what they want? The finest living in the city comes at a cost.
ABC also describes the apartment building as wicked and dangerous and the owner of the building as a dark power.
The evil owner of the apartment building in the show portrays characteristics of the devil himself. This series includes: terrifying screams, death, murders, dead bodies, spirits, satanic symbols, mark of the devil, and souls bought for a price. These details are also shown during previews of the program. It airs Sunday evenings on ABC (Disney owned) at 10:00 pm ET/ 9:00 pm CT.
 So how is it that this group of overly conservative insane women get their way on issues like this? Simple, they harass the companies who advertise during programs until they pull their ads and the shows are forced off the air.

Their latest "action email" reads as:
As a parent and a member of OneMillionMoms.com, I am deeply disappointed in your company's decision to sponsor ABC's "666 Park Avenue" that airs Sunday evenings at 10:00 pm ET/ 9:00 pm CT. This dark program is satanic, demonic, and damaging to our culture.
I am appalled that your company has chosen to sponsor a series full of evil and dark entertainment. I strongly encourage your company to drop all plans to financially support it.
The mark of the devil is included as part of the title so it is no surprise what graphic scenes are shown during this program. Previews alone include terrifying screams, death, spirits, satanic symbols, mark of the devil, and souls bought for a price.
As a consumer, I am asking you to stop your company's support of ABC's "666 Park Avenue" program through advertising. My decision to support your company depends on it.
As a business owner I would have to say that if I got 20,000 copies of this email I would want to pull support as well. And yes, they have that many - or more - people who are blindly signing their names to these emails and sending them. The companies are inundated by thousands of copies of the same email and rather than fighting it, simply pull their ads. What these companies don't know is that they are only seeing these emails because one small group of people is sending out a "sign and send" to thousands and thousands of followers. These followers are NOT supporters of their company and certainly not people who are up watching the show... And they aren't hearing the positive comments from those who ARE watching the show...

Seriously, these women blow my mind. Is your life really so sad that you have to pick apart every single thing that comes on TV and decide what I can watch? I happen to really love this show! And I HOPE ABC sees the popularity of the show and tells OMM to shove it! But I suppose that will have to be seen!

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