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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travel Altar

The Pagan Community is full of people who are for one reason or another in need of an easy way to travel with their supplies. Some of us have partners who don't agree with our faith, others are still in the closet, and then there are those who live in the city and prefer to head out of doors before practicing.  I've talked to Pagans & Witches of all sorts who have "travel altars." And all have their own reasons.

For myself, I have mixed reasons. For one, my husband is Christian, and out of respect for him and his beliefs I prefer not to practice in our very small home. Then there's the fact that I have a VERY SMALL HOME, and I don't really have anywhere quiet to practice where I won't wake someone. And then, I really do just prefer to practice outside, in nature, where I can feel more connected. So having an easy way to pick up all my tools and go, makes my life much easier!

My Travel Altar

I've seen quite a few different set ups, one woman I know uses a tackle box for hers!  I prefer a LapTop bag!  It's got a long shoulder strap and lots of pockets to fill with stuff... Plus, because it's made to hold a laptop computer, there's a great place to put your Book of Shadows!  You can even find ones that have an "expandable file" area in them that you can fill with essential information that you want to be easily accessible -  ritual format, spells, and other things you want to have at your finger tips. 

Before you purchase ANY bag/container for a Travel Altar, you need to consider what you want to put in it. If you plan to carry a full sized chalice, wand, candles, bottles & jars for water, salt, soil, etc. and other "large" items, you'll want to make sure that whatever container you choose has room for them. If you have "travel" size items, you can use a much smaller bag/container. 

So what do you put in it? Well, just about anything you choose - whatever you may need for ritual. I like to have it packed and ready for just about any need that may arise. So very few things don't stay in it full time. You may want to have some items that certain items that are always in there, and then have others that come and go. It's nearly certain that you will. But plan to have your normal ritual tools - whatever you use - chalice, bowls, censer or burner, herbs, incense, potions, wand, athame... Whatever!  

I also include, and recommend you do, items for area purification - sage, fan, salts, etc... It's completely up to you depending on your practice.  If you plan to practice on the ground, you may also want to make sure you have room for a cloth. 

Having a Travel Altar without a doubt makes my life much easier! If it's something that may help you out too, it's worth considering!

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