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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toxic Dangers: The Plight of the Protective Parent in a Toxic World

I don't consider myself a protective parent. Lots of people I know personally think my children have way to much freedom. They play outside without an adult, we don't ALWAYS use booster seats, and I don't go through their Halloween candy with a fine tooth comb. But at the same time, there are many things my children DON'T do that most others do... They don't use fluoride filled toothpastes, they don't use toxin filled soaps and they don't get vaccines or use other medications...

I WISH I was the kind of mother who could afford to keep their entire life chemical free - Organic Food, Chemical free toys, bedding and clothes...  Unfortunately, I'm just not there yet. So this is MY plight as well! I WISH, I could say I thought it was every parent's plight! If it was, we wouldn't have to have worry about it if that was the case because the companies wouldn't be using or selling all this toxic crap in the first place. But, until other parents get on board with the truth about toxins in their children's clothing, bedding, toys, and so much more - it's at least good to know, I'm not alone!

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