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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Household Notebook

Since I have been working on organizing and naturalizing my life and home, I have been working on something very similar to this. Although this version is MUCH better than mine. I am now (since I found this) in the process of upgrading! I have mine in a zippered 3 ring binder that has a pocket for things like stamps, pens, post-it notes and flags so I never have to go looking for things when I need them!

**I do suggest NOT keeping things like account numbers, SS numbers and other identifying or financial information in your household notebook. Keep a second binder in a secure place with these things! You want them handy, easy to access (for YOU) and organized, but not somewhere that is TOO accessible as these items can be used to damage you and your families identities and credit ratings!

If you don't have something like this - You Should!

Keep yourself, your family and all that you do well organized and all in one easy to use folder! Make sure to include everything from Daily To-Do list to your Pre-Holiday To-Do list, to Emergency Numbers and even recipes for all your families favorite meals!

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