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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Hobbit: Unexpected Cruelty

Now this is something I am rather upset to report. Yes, the "Death to Gays" bill and other atrocities in the news - like the Demon Sex/Homosexuality connection claims - greatly bother me. But when I read about this, it sickened me! I am not one of those "never kill animals" types. I am a carnivore (well, really an omnivore) and I make no excuses for it. And I am a firm believer in supporting euthanasia in animal shelters. However, I am NOT a supporter, in any way, shape or form, of the Abuse, Neglect or Cruelty towards animals for any reason.  Even when killing an animal to eat, it can be (and should be) done humanly. And in my opinion, Animal abuse for entertainment purposes is the worst of all. I am a hunter, but I do not support sport hunting. And if I ever found out about cock or dog fights I would be the first one to ensure that they were SHUT DOWN!

So it greatly upsets me to hear about Animal abuse taking place on the set of the new upcoming film: The Hobbit. While this film is not technically a "Pagan Film" it is a movie that is excitedly awaited in most Pagan circles! Personally, I have been counting down the days til the first of the series is released in theaters since I first heard it was being filmed - around 4 years ago! I have had a love for these books and stories since I was a child. A love I know I share with MILLIONS of people, and the majority of Pagans.

I find it horrific that ANY film would result in the harm of innocent animals. But doubly so when it's a film that is almost aimed at the Pagan communities. Communities full of people that would not only NEVER harm an animal, but who find the idea of animal cruelty to be a huge betrayal. I would THINK, that as producers and directors of these films, they would know the love of nature that is present in their target audience. I mean, yes, these are adventure films, but everyone knows one of the biggest draws to these films is the natural beauty that surrounds the story. A natural beauty which the production team literally traveled around the world to find. So to discover that there are not just one, but numerous cases of animal cruelty surrounding the films, seems to simply clash with the entire statement of the film.

I think I will be looking in to this issue deeper before I decide if I am going to see this film in theaters. I have been waiting to see it. And I have already set aside the money for my tickets. But I am not completely comfortable supporting a film that was produced at the expense of innocent lives.

Anyways, get the details and decide for yourself if this is really a film you want to support... Especially knowing they are filming the other two films and this cruelty is ongoing!

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