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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pagan Conservatives? I don't think so...

Today is election day, so political discussions have taken over just about every group and page I'm a member of. Which is fine, I love Politics. But something I will never understand is this - HOW can someone consider themselves PAGAN, and then vote CONSERVATIVE?

Our current Conservative parties are clearly AGAINST Religious Freedom & Equality, Women's Rights & Equality, Gay Marriage & Equality... And I can keep going. It will never make sense to me why a Pagan would willingly support that kind of government.

When I asked this of someone who follows one of my pages, they sent me this -

I Am A Patriotic American

I Support And Defend The Constitution
Of The United States Of America

I Am A Very Spiritual Person
I call myself a Quantum Realist
I use the Reality of Science and
The Symbolic Mythology of Wicca
As the basis for my beliefs and practice.

I am a Pagan who is Not Liberal.
I am a Conservative who is Not Christian.

I stand opposed to the Progressive Movement
of the Liberal Left.
I stand opposed to the Christian Theocracy
goal of the Ultra-Conservative Right.
I stand opposed to the Occupy Movement.
I stand opposed to government by biblical principle.
I stand opposed to Socialism, Communism, Fascism,
Totalitarianism, and Theocracy.

I stand for our Constitution
I stand for our Representative Republic.
I stand for Religious Equality
I stand for Women's Rights.
I stand for Gender Choice and Rights
I stand for Equality for LGBT peoples.
I stand for the American Free Market System.

I Stand for "One Nation Indivisible".
I Stand For Freedom, Liberty and Justice
For All.

"Arawyn Wallace-Pendragon"

And I am now confused even more! It seems to me that rather than joining any group, this person (who sent me this, as well as the author) simply want to create something new. Unfortunately, we can't do that. We can't simply erase what we have and create a new system. And what's more unfortunate is that we don't have candidates that stand for this type of government. From what I'm reading in this "statement" is NOT "conservative" it's "middle ground." 

So I THINK these people take the title of "conservative" as a way to set themselves apart from the crowd. But if they are voting conservative, they aren't voting with their beliefs - or at least not the beliefs stated here...  Because our parties are very clearly Conservative Christian and Non-Conservative Christian. Sure, Christians vote both ways, but the people leading our Conservative party think the Bible is a guide book for how to run - or ruin - our country. 

So, until we get a Conservative Party that understands that Conservative doesn't mean Christian, and that you CAN be Conservative Financially without denying rights to others, a Vote For Conservatives, is a Vote against the country! It's a vote against Pagans everywhere, against women, against LGBT and against everyone!

I may not agree with everything the Liberal Party stands for - I'm very Pro-Death Penalty and Pro-Gun... But at the same time, I understand that when you vote for a candidate - or a party - you vote for EVERYTHING they stand for, and not just one or two issues. So we need to look at all aspects before we make a choice. And after doing so, for me, the choice is clear! 

 I am Pagan, I vote, and I will NEVER vote conservative!

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