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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My thoughts on Prop 37's Failure

It greatly saddens me that California's Prop 37 failed! For whatever reason it seems that people are happy not knowing what they're really eating. Personally, I think people have yet to understand the real risks behind GMOs.

In fact, a few days ago, the following poll was posted on SwagBucks. See for yourself what the results were:

Yeah, those numbers completely blew me away. I mean really? Only 20% of people have heard and are concerned? And how is it possible that a whopping 60% have no idea what they are? REALLY?!?!  Wow!

So what does this all say to me? Well, for one, it says that the companies behind our food are doing a better job of hiding the truth than we are at making it public! It also says to me that Prop 37's failure may NOT have been because people don't want to know - or because "ignorance is bliss" as I keep hearing. The fact is, people simply don't understand what they are or why they should worry. 

In some ways, that makes me feel better, it gives me hope! I mean, if people honestly knew what they were eating and they STILL didn't want to know, I think I would really start to lose all hope for humanity. But as it stands, I don't believe that's the case. Instead, I think those of us who DO know, simply need to share the knowledge more - and since sharing knowledge just happens to be something I'm rather good at... I just see it as a challenge!

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