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Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Planning Help

I am horrid at planning and sticking to a menu. It's one of the things I'm working on! But as I master it I'm learning how to feed my family for as low cost as possible while providing them healthy, whole foods!

Aim for each meal to include a minimum of 50% Fresh or Fresh Frozen Fruits and Vegetables. And do your best to ensure that any breads, pastas or rices are organic whole grains! It's also important to remember that protein is NOT available solely from meats! Limiting your meat intake to one meal a day and even having one or two totally meat free days is not only good for your pocket book, but good for your waste band too!

I am also a huge fan of planning at least ONE new health recipe and ONE "pot luck" or "left over" meal each week. If your family isn't a fan of doing a pot luck dinner, try using left overs to create another dinner or lunch option. (ex. try using taco seasoned chicken in wraps or crumble meat loaf left overs to make "beef n' noodles.")

Meal planning can be a huge hurdle for many of us. Why and How to meal plan are often questions that are hard to answer! But the fact is, while the "how" may seem to be a challenge for many of us, the why is a simple answer - Planning our meals helps us save money, time and stress! If nothing else, you'll never again have to worry that you are trying to make dinner and you're out of something important.

Below are a couple of downloads that were created to help us non-planners change our ways! Hopefully, they'll help you like they are me!

These downloads are from OrganizedHome.com

Shopping List Printable
Weekly Menu Planner
Menu Shopping List
Monthly Menu Planner

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