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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homophobia is Alive & Well

I have heard over and over again how there is no such thing as Homophobia, and how demanding equal rights is violating the rights of others. But the fact is, Homophobia is very much a real thing! Fortunately, unlike fears related to insects, water, stakes, etc... Homophobia is NOT a naturally occurring fear!  Unfortunately, it's one that people are TAUGHT!

Now, this is a claim that church & conservative groups will argue til they're blue in the face. But the below articles clearly prove them wrong! Not only are these groups teaching homophobia, they they are doing it, not to protect, but further their agenda! Not really the most noble of reasons, now is it!

NOM Now Warning Against Young People Having Homosexual Friends - 11/26/12

Christian Group says Demon Sex makes you Gay - 11/26/12

These articles are BOTH from earlier this week. But if I so chose to go back another week, or two, or a month, or a year, I am positive I could find Dozens just like them! Clearly, these statements are meant to cause fear! If they weren't, if they were based on ANY actual reasoning, they would be backed up by facts, not claims of Demons and Hell...

Now I'm not saying I don't believe in, or support others who believe in, Demons or Spirits or other Magickal Beings, anyone who knows me or reads my blogs knows I do. However, the idea that someone would use their beliefs in a twisted attempt to harm others, is despicable! 

Statements and beliefs like these are of benefit to no one! They damage family and social relationships. Cause children and friends of homosexuals to be harassed and bullied. And greatly increase levels of depression, anxiety and suicide among homosexuals and their family members. NONE of these are positive outcomes! Yet the groups which release such statements claiming to do so in the benefit of those involved... Tell me, how does shame, anger, fear of loosing your job, your family and your friends, anxiety, depression or even suicide of a homosexual individual benefit ANYONE? I can't see how it does!

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