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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gardasil Destroys Ovaries

So, okay, lets all put on our shocked faces here...  Apparently, if you inject young women with untested and poorly researched toxins, they can have serious consequences!  Who'd have thought! Well, unfortunately, millions of parents, teens, educators and medical staff members (including doctors mind you) never did!

Gardasil has been linked to numerous harmful side effects at this point - including the death of AT LEAST 32 young women! This latest discovery only adds to that list. But for some reason, doctors as well as educators continue to push the use of this vaccine. And now at least one young woman (16) is going through menopause because of it. I would fair a guess that she is NOT the only one!


PLEASE research ANYTHING and EVERYTHING a doctor wants to inject your child with! 

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