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Friday, November 9, 2012

Contact Cards

Do you have a home business? A charity? or even a cause you're passionate about? Do you use Business cards? Well, even if you don't, this idea can be adapted to use for just about anyone who has something to promote!

How many times have you talked to someone about your business, gave them a card, they said they would call you in a day or so and then... You NEVER hear from them. Here you are thinking, "I made a great contact today" and they toss your card in their purse and forget all about it. Don't you wish you could stop that from happening?

Well, there are a few options here. You can toss a pen & paper in your purse and have take their name and number down in hopes that you'll remember what they were interested in. OR you can make yourself up some "contact cards."

Contact cards are a wonderful business tool for these types of occasions, vendor shows, events and even in home or office parties when someone shows an interest in future communications. One lady I spoke with made hers business card sized, but I prefer "note" paper sized. These cards or pages have basic contact information as well as a place for them to indicate what they were interested in.

If you have a vendor event or an in home or office party you can simply place them on the table with a pen and allow anyone who shows ANY interest in future purchases, shows or even joining your opportunity fill them out. You can then provide them with whatever basic information you have - business card, flyers, brochure, whatever - and agree to contact them later. This way you aren't waiting for them to remember to call you back, you are calling them.

Here's an example of the ones that I made up for myself. Since I have more than one opportunity I created a place for them to indicate what product line they are interested in as well:

I made this one up on VistaPrint using their "notebook" option - which you can often get free, or close to it. However you can also use the postcard, business card or other products for the same purpose! But when creating there are three important parts to remember.
  1. You want to make sure you gather all important information - Name, Phone and Email at least! Address if they are requesting information by mail!  
  2. Make sure you find out what time is best to call. You'll have more luck if you can actually get them on the phone, rather than just leaving a message. 
  3. Make sure you leave them a place to mark (like with an X or something) for what they are interested in. If they want information about hosting a party, you don't want to call with a speech planned on the business opportunity.
Organization is really the key to business. And anything that can increase your chance of being more organized, or at the very least appearing so, is a plus!

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