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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bloomburg Bans Food Donations for Sandy Victims

All across the country, people have been gathering items - clothing, blankets, shoes, household and personal items, and yes, food and water - to be shipped to shelters and charities set up to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I think just about everyone I know has given SOMETHING! I even had my children go through their toybox and find a few stuffed toys to donate for the kids who lost it all... It's times like this that I am proud of the people in my country. I'm thankful for all those who are willing to give, even a little, to help others who are in need. I only wish people were this giving all the time.  Unfortunately, however, Mayor Bloomburg, of NYC, has decided that regardless of the mounting need of those who have been displaced by the Hurricane, Food and Water donations are simply not welcome.

On any given night, before Hurricane Sandy, New York City played host to an estimated 51,000 homeless individuals relying on shelters and soup kitchens for their survival. Since the Hurricane that number has grown to numbers like the city has never seen. Some estimates have placed the number of homeless individuals from Sandy at around 40,000, the vast majority of which are in NYC.

What does all this mean? It means that now, more than ever, shelters are dependent on the kindness of others to help ensure that these individuals - men, women, children, young and old alike - have the bare necessities to survive from day to day until their lives can return to, at least some semblance of, normal. Those necessities include Food and Water! Mayor Bloomburg has stated however that these items can not be accepted "because the city can't properly assess salt, fat and fiber in donated food and thereby ensure starving people are getting the optimal levels of nutrition." Now, I'm all for eating a healthy diet. And I firmly believe that these people do deserve to be given the best that we can possibly give them. BUT, the fact is, healthy or not, food is better than no food.

This ban is just the latest in Bloomburg's poor choices as Mayor, but by far, this is the worst! To deprive those in need basic food and water simply because you can't control it is ridiculous! If Mayor Bloomburg doesn't repeal his ban, I pray New Yorkers remember this come next election and vote this man out! NO ONE who cares more about being in control of people than of those people's basic health, deserves to be Mayor!

Read More Here:  http://www.examiner.com/article/bloomberg-bans-food-donations-to-homeless-shelters-for-hurricane-sandy-victims

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